The trial of the murder of Julie Douib resumed Monday for a third day of hearings, devoted to the examination of the personality of the accused.

A longtime friend of the victim as well as the "aunt of heart" of the accused have already been heard.

Our reporter brings you the live trial.

Third day of hearing for the trial of the ex-companion of Julie Douib, accused of having murdered her in Ile Rousse, Haute-Corse, in March 2019. Monday will be devoted to the court of assizes de Bastia, on examination of the personality of Brunio Garcia-Cruciani.

Heard on Friday, the accused admitted having gone armed to the home of his ex-companion to have fired.

He denies any premeditation. 

In his version of the facts, the accused was going to the shooting range when he changed his mind on the way to go to Julie Douib, in order to discuss the custody of the children and his new companion.

He would then have drawn his gun to "impress" her.

Bruno Garcia-Cruciani speaks of an argument which has gone bad, of an accidental shooting then he evokes a "black hole". 

"She was saying 'he is going to kill me'"

On Monday, a longtime friend of Julie Douib was heard.

"She said 'he is going to kill me' and I told him 'no he will not'", she says, sobbing.

"I was like 'he just wants to scare you'. But the years went by and it got worse. Until one day she told me he hit her."

She evokes "physical and psychological violence", regular episodes of intimidation. 

Josiane, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani's "aunt of the heart", for her part explained that she had no idea of ​​the violence he was inflicting on Julie Douib. "Against him I have nothing to say. With us, he has always been correct and upright, I have an affection for him because I knew him when I was little. Even today, I do not understand." Follow the hearings live through our reporter's Twitter feed.