After the Russian capital Moscow, where corona infections have recently reached their highest levels, Saint Petersburg also wants to introduce new restrictions.

The governor of the second largest Russian city, Alexandr Beglow, signed a resolution that from Thursday prohibits holding entertainment events in pubs and closes so-called food courts and children's playrooms in shopping centers.

Friedrich Schmidt

Political correspondent for Russia and the CIS in Moscow.

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    Cinemas are only allowed to sell half of their tickets instead of 75 percent, and mass events are not allowed to have more than 3,000 guests.

    Restaurants are no longer allowed to receive guests between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. and only offer take-away meals.

    Only after Russia's second game

    This is relevant not only because of the spectacular “white nights” that are currently taking place, but also because of the European Football Championship, which is currently hosting a total of seven games in Saint Petersburg. However, the restrictions will only come into force after the second appearance of the Russian selection, which will face Finland on Wednesday in the Gazprom Arena. In the so-called fan miles of the EM, the wearing of masks has been compulsory since Monday, from Thursday the sale of food is prohibited there, but not drinks. So the football festival goes on.

    The number of new corona infections has risen sharply in Russia since the beginning of June; 14,723 cases were officially registered on Sunday, the highest level since February, and 13,721 on Monday. There are, however, considerable doubts about the official figures, also because little is being tested. According to the local news portal Fontanka, the new infection statistics in Saint Petersburg are "surprisingly stable". 865 new infections are said to have been recorded on Sunday and 862 on Saturday, while the health system in the city is overloaded.

    In Moscow, the center of infection, days off until Sunday were prescribed last weekend. Citizens who sit on park benches against a ban are now to be punished with high fines. The proportion of those who have received at least one dose of a corona vaccine in half a year of the Russian vaccination campaign is just under twelve in Moscow and just under 14 percent in Saint Petersburg.