The man, who worked as a high school teacher in Blekinge, had downloaded 184 child pornographic images to his mobile phone.

129 of these are also considered serious, as they show adults who expose children to sexual crimes.

"Did not have a sexual interest"

It was last year that the police received tips from an organization about illegal file sharing.

Through it, you could track downloaded child pornographic material to several Swedish IP addresses.

It also led the police to the now convicted high school teacher in Blekinge, which Kvällsposten was the first to report on.

The man's own explanation for having the pictures in his phone has been that he "surfed the net" to check content on, among other things, Tik-Tok and other sites where children spent a lot of time.

He says in interrogation that in connection with this he was also on a porn site to check what was there - that it was not about him having any sexual interest, but that he did it to investigate and gain more knowledge in the matter whether the pictures on the pages are genuine or not, because he worked as a teacher and believes that source criticism is important.

Avoid prison

The man is now convicted in Blekinge District Court for child pornography offenses.

The man is sentenced to probation and thus escaped prison because he was previously unpunished and the district court also assesses the man's risk of recidivism in crime as low.

After the crime, the man has been fired from his job as a teacher in Blekinge and now works in another profession.