China News Service, June 13th. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 13th, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently pointed out when talking about the meeting with US President Biden that he hopes that the two sides will resume personal contact, straighten out direct dialogue, and establish two parties. Cooperation mechanism between countries.

He believes that between Russia and the United States, there are areas that can be studied effectively.

Data map: Russian President Putin.

  According to reports, in an interview, Putin said about his expectations for the meeting with Biden: “Restore our personal contacts and relationships, straighten out direct dialogue, and establish a truly effective mutual cooperation mechanism in areas that represent each other’s interests.”

  Putin mentioned that the United States is also talking about the same thing, that is, there are some issues that represent each other's interests, involving strategic stability, regional conflicts, and environmental protection.

He added: "In other words, there are problems that we can really study effectively."

  When talking about the reduction of the United States’ negative remarks against Russia, Putin pointed out that expectations should not be too high.

He said that on the eve of meetings at the highest level, efforts are usually made to cool down the negative factors.

Russia has shown great restraint towards the United States and has not taken any measures to exacerbate the deterioration of the situation.

Data map: US President Biden.

  A few days ago, Putin pointed out in an exclusive interview with US media that the relations between Russia and the United States are at the "lowest point" in recent years.

Putin also commented on Biden, saying that he is a "professional" in the political arena and hopes that he will not be arrogant.

  Putin and Biden will meet in Geneva on June 16.

The Russian side has revealed that when the leaders of the two sides meet, they will discuss the status quo and prospects for further development of Russian-US relations, strategic stability, cooperation in the fight against the new crown epidemic, and regional conflict mediation.

The White House said that the United States seeks to restore predictability and stability in US-Russian relations, and the leaders of the two sides will discuss a series of urgent issues.

  U.S.-Russian relations have continued to be tense in recent years.

Since Biden took office, the two sides have achieved limited cooperation in the field of arms control. However, there are obvious differences on issues such as Ukraine, cyber security, human rights, and election interference, and confrontation has intensified.