The final day of the G7 Summit = Summit of the Seven Major Countries held in the United Kingdom began on the 13th.

After that, British Prime Minister Johnson will unveil the outcome of the three-day meeting, focusing on China, which is becoming more influential in the international community.

The final day of discussions at the G7 Summit in Cornwall, southwestern England, began before 6 pm on the 13th of Japan time.

In the discussion, opinions will be exchanged on issues such as climate change, and the G7 is expected to agree on a plan to support financing to developing countries so that environmental infrastructure development such as wind power generation and railways will be accelerated.

And after finishing all the dates, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, will hold a press conference after 10 o'clock tonight Japan time to clarify the outcome of the three-day meeting.

In this G7, each country has already agreed to launch a concept to support the infrastructure development of developing countries to counter China's "One Belt, One Road" giant economic zone concept.

In addition, senior officials of the Biden administration have indicated that each country has agreed on issues such as human rights in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China.

The outcome document to be released will focus on how much each country can respond to China, which is becoming more influential in the international community, under the common value of democracy.

Discourse by the Chinese Embassy in the UK "Should not be manipulated in a few countries"

Regarding the G7 summit, the Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom, where the summit is being held, announced a discourse in which a spokesman answered the reporter's question.

"The world situation should be discussed and decided by different countries and not manipulated by a small number of countries," the discourse said on the 12th. "True multilateralism is in the interests of small groups. It is not a false multilateralism based on collective politics. "

Countermeasures against China appear to be aimed at curbing one of the focal points of the G7 summit.

The Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom also announced that it was expected to agree to provide the G7 with at least one billion doses of the new coronavirus vaccine.

In the discourse, he hopes that the offer will be realized, and claims that "China is the most vaccine provider in the world. China's support is always sincere and has no political conditions." ..