At the G7 Summit in the United Kingdom, the summit of the seven major countries, each country will launch a new initiative to support the infrastructure development of developing countries in response to China's "One Belt, One Road" giant economic zone initiative. Agreed with.

The G7 Summit was held in Cornwall, southwestern England, and during the discussions on the second and 12th, the leaders of each country exchanged opinions focusing on three areas: the world economy, foreign policy, and measures against the new coronavirus. It was.

According to the announcement by the White House in the United States, G7 leaders have agreed to launch a new initiative to meet the demand for infrastructure development in developing countries.

Intended to counter the huge economic zone concept listed is Xi Jinping Jintao of China "zone Ichiro", G7 countries with the common values of democracy becomes the center, from the Indian Pacific Ocean region Africa, around the world, including Central and South America In developing countries, we will support the development of highly transparent, sustainable and global environment-friendly infrastructure.

In addition to public funds from the United States and government agencies in each country, private funds will be collected to promote infrastructure investment on the scale of hundreds of billions of dollars, or tens of trillions of yen in Japanese yen.

The Biden administration, which has led the launch of this initiative, has been working with major countries that share the common value of democracy to build a counter-axis to support developing countries, attracting the trust of each country and countering China. It seems that there is an aim like this.

In addition, G7 leaders discussed with the leaders of guest countries such as South Korea and India how to prevent repeated damage based on the lessons learned from the spread of the new coronavirus, shortening the vaccine development period to less than 100 days. We have agreed to adopt the "Carvis Bay Declaration" that includes things to do.

Demonstration that Myanmar people seek action

In Cornwall, where the summit is being held, a large number of people have demonstrated to G7 leaders asking them to act for Myanmar's democracy.

The demonstration was held on the 12th in Falmouth, a port city where the media center is located, and was attended by hundreds of people, including Burmese people from all over England.

The gathered people marched in the town, holding up placards and saying, "G7 leaders should take concrete actions for democracy and freedom in Myanmar."

A 21-year-old man who is studying abroad from Myanmar said, "I want the G7 leaders to not only discuss but also act to solve the problem. If democracy is forgotten as it is, the military will advance the rule. , Citizens will be further sacrificed. "

A Myanmar woman who participated from London said, "G7 leaders should take action rather than just issuing a statement. The situation in Myanmar is getting worse and worse. I want you to stop this situation somehow. I think, but I'm disappointed with the reaction of the international community. "

The focus of the last day is

The G7 Summit, which started on the 11th, will reach its final day on the 13th.

The focus of the debate is climate change.

The UK government, the presidency, said it expects the G7 to agree on a plan to support financing for developing countries to accelerate environmental infrastructure development such as wind power, and that global warming will be held in the UK in the fall. It is positioned as the basis for COP26, the UN conference on countermeasures.

Then, Prime Minister Johnson will hold a press conference after 2:00 pm local time on the 13th and after 10 pm Japan time on the 13th, and will announce the results of the three days.