- A trend is that we find more and more electric scooters.

I think that's damn good.

They should not be in the water, says Michael Palmgren who is operations manager at the Marine Knowledge Center in Malmö.

However, there is significantly more than electric scooters under the surface.

When Michael Palmgren and his colleagues dived into the shipyard pool, they got everything from car batteries to tarpaulins and shopping carts.

They only managed to clean part of the pool but still got close to a ton of rubbish.

Electronics and batteries a problem

None of the divers found should actually be in the water, but Michael Palmgren is particularly concerned about all electronics that can leak toxic substances.

- We do not know how much these electric scooters and other things you throw down here are delicious.

For the water communicates.

This flows out into the Sound later, he says.

Malmö residents can help

From the nineteenth of June, those who want to be able to help with the cleaning will come.

In six places along the coast, there will be cleaning hubs.

There you will be able to borrow equipment to then help collect rubbish so that it does not end up in the water.