Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro receives a fine for not wearing a mask

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro leads a motorcade in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 12, 2021. REUTERS - AMANDA PEROBELLI

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was sentenced on Saturday, June 12, to a fine of one hundred and eight dollars for having participated without a mask or sanitary measures in a demonstration of bikers in the state of São Paulo. 


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Thousands of bikers took part in the “Accelerate for Christ” rally on Saturday June 12 in São Paulo.

The far-right president led the procession with an open helmet and no mask, in violation of state regulations.

São Paulo state authorities said they fined Bolsonaro, his son Eduardo, a congressman, and Minister of Infrastructure Tarcisio Gomes, 552 reais (about $ 108) for not to have worn a mask and not to have respected the measures of social distancing during the rally.

The Brazilian presidency did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr Bolsonaro, who called for rallies across Brazil ahead of next year's presidential election, ignored warnings from São Paulo governor João Doria, a political rival, who had said the president would be fined if he did not obey state laws.


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A particular view of the virus

Mr Bolsonaro has repeatedly opposed Mr Doria and other governors over measures imposed to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed nearly 485,000 lives in Brazil.

Addressing a crowd of supporters waving flags, Mr Bolsonaro again protested against wearing the mask.

The president said people who have been vaccinated should not have to wear a mask.

It is impossible for a vaccinated person to transmit the virus,

” he said.

There is no scientific consensus on whether people vaccinated can be contagious.

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