The Anonymous group has paralyzed the website of conspiracy theorist Ken Jebsen.

The hackers announced on their website on Saturday that they had gained access to the ex-moderator's page - and, among other things, were able to tap thousands of data on donations and subscriptions.

Late on Saturday evening, the former journalist's page looked normal. However, screenshots published by the Anonymous group show access to the administration of the website. In addition, on Saturday afternoon, instead of the KenFM homepage, a banner with the inscription “This domain has been seized by Anonymous” (in German: This domain was confiscated by Anonymous) could be read.

According to their own statements, the hackers not only paralyzed the entire website for a short time during their access, but were also able to steal a complete copy of the KenFM database.

This includes: 39,000 data from subscribers as well as information on donations amounting to almost 38,000 euros.

The data therefore include full names, email addresses and even passwords.

After reading out the information, the hackers also carried out a “wipe and fulldeface” - that is, a large amount of data was deleted.

Jebsen had worked as a moderator and journalist for the rbb in 2011, before he was fired there.

Among the conspiracy theorists, he is one of the most far-reaching.

KenFM was most recently banned from the YouTube video platform because of content violations.