At the G7 Summit in the United Kingdom, the US Byden administration is holding a new initiative to support the infrastructure development of developing countries against China's "One Belt, One Road" giant economic zone initiative. Announced that each country has agreed to launch.

According to the announcement of the White House in the United States, President Biden will discuss strategic competition with China at the G7 summit on the 12th, and will meet the demand for infrastructure development in developing countries. It means that they have agreed to launch the concept.

Intended to counter the Xi Jinping Zemin is listed huge economic bloc concept of China "zone Ichiro", G7 countries plays a central role with the common values of democracy, high transparency, sustainable, environmentally Will support infrastructure development in a gentle manner.

It does not mention the specific scale of the assistance, but says that government agencies in the United States and G7 countries will help mobilize private funds.

The US government has criticized that as a result of China's continued paid support under the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, many developing countries have fallen into "debt traps" with large debts.

The Biden administration sees that it aims to gain the trust of each country and counter China by building a counter-axis to support developing countries together with major countries that share the common value of democracy. Can be done.