[Explanation] On June 11, the "Taiwan-funded Agricultural Enterprise Committee Service Opposite to the Basic Level-Northeast Sichuan" event co-sponsored by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Sichuan Province and the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs came to a successful conclusion. In 5 days, some members of the Sichuan Taiwanese-funded Agricultural Enterprise Committee and Taiwanese entrepreneurs in charge of the Taiwan Youth Innovation Park visited the four cities of Guangyuan, Bazhong, Dazhou, and Guang'an to understand the advantages of Taiwanese-funded enterprises and demonstrate the advantages of Taiwan's modern agricultural concepts, technologies and models. Promote the development of local agriculture, actively integrate into the rural revitalization strategy, and exchange discussions with the local agricultural sector, agricultural parks, and agricultural enterprise leaders to discuss new opportunities for Sichuan-Taiwan agricultural cooperation. [Explanation] In recent years, more and more Taiwanese businessmen have set their sights on the vast inland areas. Sichuan-Taiwan cooperation in the agricultural field has also continued to heat up, and more than 300 Taiwan-funded agricultural projects have landed in Sichuan. Among them, the Sichuan-Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Demonstration Base and Taiwan-funded enterprise Shanli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. are rooted in Cangxi County, Guangyuan City, and are engaged in the cultivation, processing and sales of high-quality Taiwan daylily. After more than three years of meticulous cultivation, by the end of 2020, the company’s yellow flower planting area has reached 2.10,000 mu, with an annual output value exceeding 200 million yuan. In Baima Township, Guang’an, Nongfeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., which is also the Sichuan-Taiwan agricultural cooperation demonstration base, has made the local area a well-known "Lemon Township" through the cultivation, processing and import and export trade of lemons and other fruits. In March 2021, the company became the first Taiwan-funded agricultural enterprise in Sichuan to be selected as the "Vegetable Basket" production base in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Going deep into the field, face-to-face discussions and exchanges...Taiwan agricultural technology expert Zhan Fuxiang who participated in the whole event was very touched by the event. He believes that Taiwan-funded agricultural enterprises are participating in rural revitalization at the right time, and the future development prospects are broad, but it is necessary to create greater social benefits. It is necessary to extend the agricultural industry chain and promote the integration of cultural and tourism. [Contemporary] Taiwan's agricultural technology expert Zhan Fuxiang simply said that we are talking about the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. They are now on the ground, they have no problems in planting and raising the primary production, they have done a lot of practical work, and they have been continuously technologically. To break through the realm. To be able to improve such a benefit, I will say that this comprehensive benefit can be further improved, and this pattern can be further enlarged. We are now going to expand and extend the value of this industrial chain. Bring greater social benefits, allowing more people to see the vigorous economic development of the entire society. [Explanation] During the visit, Li Yiyang, chairman of the Sichuan Taiwan-funded Agricultural Enterprise Committee, found that the small but beautiful, small and sophisticated Taiwan-funded agricultural enterprises in Sichuan are growing well. He believes that the northeastern part of Sichuan and Taiwan have similar topography and landforms. Mountain agriculture is also Taiwan's strengths. The development of precision agriculture in Sichuan is a high-quality choice. [Concurrent] Chairman of the Sichuan Taiwan-funded Agricultural Enterprise CommitteeLi Yiyang Actually, our Sichuan belongs to the hilly area. It should be small and refined, small and beautiful, and make fine products. Because we are not the Great Plains. We can't (realize) the automation of large agricultural machinery, we can only use small agricultural machinery. Therefore, we have been communicating with the members of the entire special committee, hoping that everyone will not use area and scale as the main development. It should be practical, refined, small and beautiful. [Explanation] It is understood that as of now, Sichuan has 2 national-level "Taiwan Farmer Pioneer Parks" and 30 "Sichuan-Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Demonstration Bases", and nearly 300 Taiwan-funded agricultural enterprises have invested more than 14 billion yuan in Sichuan. . The current "22 measures for agriculture and forestry" are gradually being implemented in Sichuan, which is more conducive to maintaining a good development trend for Taiwan-funded agricultural enterprises. Taiwanese businessman Guo Hongyang, who is engaged in Taiwanese youth entrepreneurship services in Sichuan, said that the mainland's rural revitalization strategy is full of business opportunities. He hopes that young people in Taiwan can seize the opportunities for employment and innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. [Concurrent] Guo Hongyang, general manager of Yatai Youth (Chengdu) Strait Youth Pioneer Park, is actually in the central and southern part of Taiwan. Many Taiwanese youths are actually a second-generation youth in agriculture, fishery, forestry, and agriculture. . In fact, the agricultural market in Taiwan is relatively small and the market is relatively small. In fact, many young people in Taiwan actually bring their hometown technology and home technology to the mainland for development, it is actually a big business opportunity for development. Taiwan youths are now coming to get on the "train" of rural revitalization, which is a good development opportunity for Taiwan youths. Yang Yudian Sichuan Comprehensive Report

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]