Democratic activist Agnes Chow, who had been sentenced to 10 months in prison in connection with a large-scale protest in Hong Kong, was released on the 12th after completing his sentence.

Hong Kong democracy activist Agnes Chow was accused of inciting participation in unauthorized rallies in June in connection with a large-scale protest surrounding police headquarters by a large number of citizens.

He was sentenced to 10 months in prison last December and was held in a prison on the outskirts of Hong Kong, but was released on the morning of the 12th after completing his sentence.

When the prison car carrying Mr. Zhou arrived at the bus stop, many reporters were waiting, but Mr. Zhou who got out of the car silently changed to the pick-up car and left the place.

Mr. Zhou was imprisoned in a prison allegedly containing a serious offender, but his attitude within the prison was modeled and the sentence seems to have been shortened.

Mr. Zhou is well known in Japan as he has been transmitting in Japanese through SNS since the large-scale protest activity in 2014, the "Umbrella Movement", and a large number of reporters visited for coverage on the 12th.

Mr. Zhou was arrested and released on bail on suspicion of harming national security in collusion with foreign powers with Mr. Jimmy Lai, the founder of "Ringo Daily" who called for support for the democratization movement in Hong Kong last August. It seems that the investigation is still ongoing in this case.

Mr. Zhou leaves silently without responding to the press

Around 11:00 am on the 12th of Japan time, when the prison car carrying Mr. Agnes Chow arrived at a nearby bus stop, a large number of waiting reporters rushed around the car.

Mr. Zhou had his hair tied behind him in a white T-shirt and white mask, and when he got out of the car, he was surrounded by the press all at once.

Mr. Zhou did not respond to the questions of the press, but changed to a white car that came to pick him up silently and left the place.