Culture is the soul of a country and a nation.

Culture is prosperous, national luck is prosperous

Strong culture, strong nation.

Without a high degree of cultural self-confidence, without cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

——Xi Jinping

  The Ming Dynasty's "Yongle Dadian" No. 13991 records the Song and Yuan Southern Opera "Zhang Xie Zhuangyuan" more than 800 years ago. This is the earliest and most complete ancient Chinese opera script discovered in China.

  Yongjia, Wenzhou, Zhejiang is known as the hometown of Southern Opera.

As a genre of Kunqu Opera, Yongjia Kunqu Opera, which originated from the Song and Yuan Dynasties, is still being sung.

  Twenty years ago, Kunqu Opera was listed by UNESCO as the "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" in 2001.

However, this has not changed the plight of Yongjia Kunqu Opera that was on the verge of being lost.

  The protection and development of intangible cultural heritage has always been a major concern in Xi Jinping's heart.

In 2005, when Xi Jinping served as secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, he gave instructions on the protection of intangible cultural heritage six times in less than a month.

  Under the direct care of Xi Jinping, how has the destiny of Yongjia Kunqu Opera changed?

  Director system丨Luo Hongbing

  Producer丨Geng Zhimin and Ma Lijun

  Producer丨Han Renwei

  Director丨Yu Tenglong

  Reporter丨Tenglong Yu and Xinman Li

  Video丨Zhou Shaojun Jin Tianlong Luo Xiao

  Recording丨Wang Anran

  Vision丨Gao Lingxiao Hu Jie

  Coordinating 丨 Yang Bo, Wang Rui and Mao Hui