China News Service, June 11 According to China Netcom, the State Internet Information Office issued a notice on the 11th regarding the illegal collection and use of personal information by 129 apps such as Keep.

  According to the report, in response to the people’s strong complaints about illegal app acquisition, over-range collection, and excessive claims that infringe on personal information, the National Internet Information Office is in accordance with the "Network Security Law of the People's Republic of China" and "App illegally collects and uses personal information. Behavior Determination Methods", "Regulations on the Scope of Necessary Personal Information for Common Types of Mobile Internet Applications" and other laws and relevant regulations, organize individuals for some apps that are widely used by the general public such as sports and fitness, news information, webcasts, application stores, women’s health, etc. The usage of information collection was tested.

The relevant situation is now notified as follows:

1. The situation of sports and fitness apps

2. News and information apps

Third, the situation of webcast apps

Fourth, the situation of app store apps

V. Women's health apps

Sixth, the situation of online shopping apps

Seven, learning and education apps

Eight, marriage and dating apps

  The notice pointed out that for the problems found in the test, the relevant App operators should complete rectification within 15 working days from the date of this notice.