The police are out all over the county right now trying to prevent and deal with quarrels that can arise when young people now take the student or celebrate school graduations.

And now adults are being urged to keep an eye on young people.

- We urge parents and other adults to take responsibility, have good contact with their children and young people and find out where they are and what they do.

Guardians are also encouraged to go out and walk at night.

The more adults out there - the safer the celebration will be for our young people, says Patrick Widell, crime prevention coordinator at the police in the Stockholm region.

Police horses out in the evening

The police are now cooperating with the municipalities' fielders, security guards and night-walking parents.

Among other things, through outreach activities where many young people gather.

In Norrtälje, Bromma and Hässelby, the police's equestrian center is out with its horses in the evening.