• From Saturday, visitors to the Château de Nantes will be able to choose the perfume that best represents the city.

  • It will be a question of deciding, blindly, the creations of three professional perfumers.

  • The bottle will then be available around mid-November, at a price of 45 euros.

A good reason to take off your mask for a few minutes. From Saturday and for two months, visitors to the castle of the dukes, in Nantes, will be able to indulge in a truly special experience. Plunged into darkness, in a small room accessible free of charge from the ramparts, their mission will be to blindly decide between the three fragrances imagined to “best represent the city of Nantes and its personality”.

After passing the numbered sticks in front of their nose, they will vote for their favorite scent thanks to a ball placed at the entrance.

The winning fragrance will be revealed at the end of August, after probably tens of thousands of participations in this unusual vote.

Then, some 10,000 bottles of this unisex perfume, to be worn on the skin, will be manufactured by the Art & Parfum house, based in Grasse.

They will be available in mid-November, in certain businesses in Nantes, at a price of 45 euros.

At "20 Minutes", we have already voted

According to Le Voyage à Nantes, which launched this strange initiative two years ago, the operation is more artistic than marketing. “We wanted to show that perfume is also an art, which can also interpret our city, explains Jean Blaise, the director. Nantes is alive and changing, like a person, so it also has its own smells… ”For two days, in January 2020, three“ noses ”, as we say in the jargon, therefore had the mission of each developing a perfume. inspired by their discovery of the city, while avoiding the clichés of “lily of the valley”, “muscadet” or “small butter”.

Guided "by the idea of ​​nature in the city", Mélanie Roux imagined a fragrance with floral, iodized touches, with "enveloping notes". Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, him, questioned "the permanent duality" of the city of the Dukes with a mixture of the vegetable and the urban. “I tried to be simple with three big symbols, reports Bertrand Duchaufour. I chose the magnolia, the Nantes cake for the gourmet side and the wood, in reference to the Machines de l'île. "


20 Minutes

, we played the game this Thursday noon without knowing either what perfumes are hidden behind the numbers 1, 2 and 3. All we can tell you is that we have a little hesitation before finally choosing the last one, for its delicate, pleasant and rather complex smell.

While waiting to know the result, we were also able to discover the bottle of the future perfume "Voyage à Nantes", which has the originality of not being placed vertically.

“It evokes the Loire, the rain, the ocean, explain its designers from the Polyhèdre workshop.

We find the reflections, the water which rises and falls.



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