In the clip above, you can hear the different answers we get when we search for Susanne.

The magazine Hem & Hyra has also written about Victor Yngman, who also received an invoice from Byggnadsbolaget Curt Lundahl and co after calling the emergency service.

He called because it sounded like some people were arguing in a neighboring apartment.

- It sounded like they were killing each other or tearing down the place, says Victor Yngman, to Hem & Hyra.

"Felt uncomfortable"

Victor disputed the invoice and after a while Byggnadsbolaget returned and had "arranged it".

- Now they said it had been resolved.

The person who had carried out the disturbance had come forward and decided to pay for the call.

Of course, I do not know if that really happened.

Everything felt very uncomfortable, says Victor Yngman, to Hem & Hyra.

Also in this case, SVT Nyheter Väst has sought CEO Susanne Bryngelsson-Lundahl without success.