China News Service, Beijing, June 10. The 29th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress voted on the 10th to pass the Data Security Law.

This law is a basic law in the field of data and an important law in the field of national security. It will be implemented on September 1, 2021.

  Enacting a data security law is an inevitable requirement for maintaining national security.

Data is a basic national strategic resource. Without data security, there would be no national security.

The Data Security Law implements the overall national security concept, focuses on hidden risks in the field of data security, strengthens the overall coordination of national data security work, and establishes basic data classification and hierarchical management, data security review, data security risk assessment, monitoring and early warning, and emergency response. system.

Through the establishment and improvement of various systems and measures, the national data security protection capability is improved, effectively responding to national security risks and challenges in the non-traditional field of data, and effectively safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests.

  The formulation of a data security law is an objective need to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

The digital economy provides a lot of convenience for the people's production and life. At the same time, the owners of various types of data are more diverse, and the processing activities are more complicated. Some companies and institutions ignore data security protection and use data to infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the people. The problem is also very prominent. Strong reflection.

The Data Security Law clarifies that relevant entities carry out data activities in accordance with laws and regulations, establish and improve data security management systems, strengthen risk monitoring and timely handling of data security incidents and other obligations and responsibilities, and strictly regulate data processing activities to effectively strengthen data security protection, so that the general public The people have a greater sense of happiness and security in the development of digitalization.

  The formulation of a data security law is an important measure to promote the healthy development of the digital economy.

In recent years, China has continuously promoted the construction of a network power, a digital China, and a smart society. The digital economy with data as a new production factor is booming, and data competition has become an important area of ​​international competition.

The Data Security Law insists on both security and development. While regulating data activities, it also makes corresponding provisions on measures to support and promote data security and development, and promote the open use of government data, and make full use of the basic resources of data by promoting the rational and effective use of data in accordance with the law. The role and the role of innovation engine to accelerate the formation of a digital economy led and supported by innovation, and better serve China’s economic and social development.