China News Service, June 10. According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, a fire broke out at the Taichung Thermal Power Plant at 7 am on the 10th. The Taichung Port Fire Brigade received the notification and immediately dispatched personnel to rescue it. The coal conveyor belt was suspected to have caught fire. Black smoke came out, and the exact cause of the fire awaited investigation and clarification.

  Taipower pointed out that the Taichung Power Plant’s coal transfer tower TR-62 reported a fire at 7:3 am, and the power plant notified the fire brigade at 7:9 am. The fire brigade has now entered the plant for rescue and it is initially understood that no personnel were injured.

  Taipower stated that the transfer tower is mainly responsible for transporting the coal from the coal unloading terminal to the coal yard for storage. At present, the coal yard of the power plant still has sufficient coal inventory, and all units are operating normally, and the power supply status is not affected.