by Fabrizio Patti

10 June 2021 Despite the better than expected data on industrial production, referring to April (+ 1.8% compared to March and + 79.5% compared to April 2020), the Milan stock exchange today is the worst among the main European ones , -0.32 per cent.

The best performance is that of London, + 0.3%;

Frankfurt + 0.03%, Paris -0.23%. 

In evidence there is the stock of Stellantis, the most traded today, -0.62%, which fell by more than 2%.

Last night it became known that the Paris court has put Peugeot under scrutiny in an investigation into the emissions of diesel vehicles sold between 2009 and 2015. An investigation in which Renault and Volkswagen are also involved.

Among the other stocks, greater increases for StMicroelectronics (+ 1.3%) and Unicredit (+ 0.9%), greater falls for two industrialists: Prysmian (-2.1%) and Cnh Industrial (-2.6%).

Investors await the decisions of the ECB at 2 pm, followed by the press conference of President Christine Lagarde. Above all, they await the inflation data in the United States, at 2.30pm. After + 4.2% in April, the consensus, that is the average of analysts' forecasts, is up by 4.7 per cent.

Meanwhile, oil continues to rise, Brent is at $ 72.4 per barrel, we are at the highest levels since April 2019, after yesterday's data on inventories in the United States, which fell more than expected.