The world-renowned orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, held its annual outdoor concert for the first time in two years since the spread of the new coronavirus, and was packed with an audience of over 2,000.

The concert took place on the night of the 9th in a park in Manhattan, where about 2000 people lay down on the grass in the square or sat on the prepared chairs to watch the orchestra perform.

Those who can enter are those who have been vaccinated or who have brought a negative virus test certificate, and the visitors said, "It is one of the best events in New York, so everyone is very happy to get together." I was talking.

In addition, Japanese Tetsushi Okamoto, who participated in the performance as a contrabass player, said, "The summer park concert was a big step, and I hope that it will gradually return to its original state." ..

The New York Philharmonic has been forced to suspend its activities due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and it is the first time in two years to hold an outdoor concert, which has become an annual summer event.

In New York City, about 64% of people over the age of 18 have been vaccinated at least once, and there is a movement to resume economic activities as the vaccination progresses, and the concert of the day is heading for the revival of art events. It is a shape that impressed me.