• Courts Urns of 1-O, documents on Mossos or the principles of the Catalan Republic: what the Civil Guard requisitioned from the 'staff' of Puigdemont

The Court of Instruction number 1 of Barcelona has incorporated into the case opened by the so-called 'Voloh case' a report from the Civil Guard that

calls into question

ERC's turn towards dialogue and negotiation. Among the information found on the mobile phone of former ERC officer Xavier Vendrell after his arrest last October, the agents

have found a document that would be a new "roadmap" of the independence movement

to overcome the defeat and frustration after not being able to complete the 1-O as well as a way out for the imprisoned sovereign leaders and those who are on the run. Police sources point out that this document is not dated.

Despite the fact that this 'road map' establishes that first we must re-weave the independence movement, both political and social, as a preliminary step to achieve a victory at the polls, having 51% of the votes, the truth is that so far only the second phase has been partially achieved. Sovereignty presents more cracks than ever with some parties at the head of the Government, ERC and JxCat, in a fragile balance to govern while the ANC and Ómnium have different mobilization strategies.

However, an electoral victory was achieved that was bordering 50%, taking into account the parliamentary representation, and with 74 deputies, despite the fact that they were not "plebiscitary" elections as indicated in the 'road map' that asked "to present an

ultimatum to the State and the international community

to negotiate a definitive political solution to the conflict. "

To "culminate" the document speaks of two scenarios.

One in which the international community intervenes, so there is a "agreed or imposed" referendum and an alternative, without external intervention, in which a "unilateral referendum" is called and "

never discard the Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

if conditions permit "before" proclaiming the republic. "

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