Prime Minister Suga left for the United Kingdom after 8:30 pm on the 10th to attend the G7 Summit = Summit of the Seven Major Countries.

Prior to this, Prime Minister Suga explained Japan's position on issues such as measures against the new coronavirus and climate change, and expressed his intention to contribute to the discussions at the summit.

Prime Minister Suga will attend the G7 Summit = Summit of the Seven Major Countries in Cornwall, southwestern England, from the 11th to the 13th of this month.

Prior to this, Prime Minister Suga told reporters at the Prime Minister's Office, "At this G7 summit, G7 leaders who share universal values ​​on important issues such as new corona measures, climate change, economy, and regional affairs. I would like to have a frank discussion, explain Japan's position in it, and contribute to the discussions at the summit. "

Regarding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, he said, "We will thoroughly implement infection control measures and realize a safe and secure tournament. I would like to explain these things and gain their understanding."

This is the first time in two years that the G7 Summit will be held face-to-face, and it will be the first face-to-face international conference for Prime Minister Suga since he took office in September last year.

At this summit, discussions will be held on measures against the new coronavirus, climate change, and China, which is strengthening supremacy, and what kind of G7 will share basic values ​​such as democracy and the rule of law? The focus is on issuing a message.

At the time of departure, a defect was found on the aircraft of the government aircraft that was scheduled to be boarded, so it was changed to a spare aircraft.

For this reason, Prime Minister Suga left Haneda Airport for the United Kingdom at 8:30 tonight, about an hour and a half later than originally planned.

According to government officials, the schedule for the G7 Summit will not be affected.