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  • Greece, from tomorrow anti-covid vaccinations in migrant camps

  • Migrants, landing from the Sea Eye in Pozzallo completed: all swab negative

  • Migrants: Sea Eye ship with 414 people docked in Pozzallo


June 10, 2021There are "43 people adrift off the coast of Libya. The people aboard the boat in distress tell us that it is entering water and that they have been at sea for more than a day. They are panicking and asking for urgent help. We have informed the authorities and requested the immediate start of a rescue operation ", Alarm Phone reports in a tweet.


~ 43 people adrift off #Libia!

People in distress say they are taking on water and have been at sea for over a day.

They are in a panic and are asking for urgent help.

The authorities are informed and we are calling for the immediate launch of a rescue operation.

- Alarm Phone (@alarm_phone) June 10, 2021