It is a monumental work, 20 m long, which is inaugurated this Thursday morning, rue Gaston-Veil, close to the emergency department of the Nantes University Hospital.

Called "Our imaginary city", this fresco representing a succession of buildings, buildings, shops or vehicles was produced by the Nantes artist Jérôme Baillet, alias Doctor Paper.

But he did not work alone, far from it.

More than 850 people took part in this collaborative project started a little over a year ago, during the first confinement.

The artist had suggested to the general public to send drawings of facades or urban elements out of their imagination.

He finally received nearly 1,500 drawings from all over the world, "from the scribbling of little 22-month-old Adam to the colorful landscape of Françoise, 83 years old".

“Existing and trembling lines rub shoulders with expert pencil strokes.

Pastel, colored pencil and neon felt are mixed with the lines and shadows in black.

The result was totally uncertain, but everything is working fine!

“, Explains Doctor Paper, in the presentation of the work.

Visible for at least three years

The Nantes artist wanted to offer this funny “imaginary city” to all the participants and to all those mobilized during the health crisis.

And after a first exhibition in the garden of the Natural History Museum, the work can be exhibited on a wall of the hospital site, for all to see, in collaboration with the Nantes University Hospital and the Arty Show collective.

"The desire, the very need, that this project serve in one way or another to thank our health services was in my head since the beginning of the project", rejoices Doctor Paper.

The work is intended to remain in its location for “at least three years”.


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