On June 8th, local time, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee CEO Muto Toshiro revealed that overseas media reporters who come to Japan to cover the Olympics will be tracked by the Global Satellite Positioning System (GPS), and can only perform activities in the places reported in advance in the first 14 days. , Once you violate the anti-epidemic regulations, you may be disqualified for interviews or even deported.

  Toshiro Muto made the above remarks at a press conference held after the meeting of the Olympic Organizing Committee Executive Committee that day.

He said that there are strict regulations in the media anti-epidemic manual. Overseas reporters must submit the "personal plan itinerary for the first 14 days after entry" in advance, and must move within the specified location within 14 days. They cannot take public transportation or have contact with ordinary Japanese people. There are special circumstances that must also act under supervision.

  He specifically mentioned that every overseas journalist is strictly required to use the GPS positioning system of his mobile phone.

"Once someone goes to activities outside of the report, it will greatly increase the risk of infection. We are very worried about this. Once someone is found to have violated the epidemic prevention regulations, our measures will include revoking the interview certificate and even repatriating him."

  However, Toshiro Muto also emphasized that all reporters will be able to conduct "normal interview activities" after 14 days have passed.

  Hashimoto Seiko, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, also mentioned the use of GPS to track the whereabouts of reporters in his speech before the meeting.

She also said that overseas media reporters are not allowed to rent rooms on their own, and that they are not allowed to live in friends’ homes, but only in officially designated hotels.

In order to facilitate monitoring, the organizing committee has reduced the number of designated hotels from about 350 initially to 150.

  As for the question of whether local audiences can enter the stadium to watch the game, he said that the final decision will be made at the end of June.

  (Producing Li Jiali)

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