The leaf market

For the second year in a row, the market is suspended.

- Due to the market's size and high number of visitors, there is no possibility of implementing it in an infection-proof way, says Eva-Lena Gabris at the hospitality industry unit in Karlskrona municipality.

Karlskrona Archipelago Festival

Was supposed to be held at the end of July but will not be off and aims for 2022.

The Hasslö Festival

Photo: SVT / Oskar Sandström

This year's edition of the Hasslö Festival is canceled, but the 2022 edition is planned to be held on 14–16 July.

Holmsjö market

The April market was canceled, but Holmsjö Hembygdsförening hopes to be able to arrange a market at the beginning of October.

Tosia Bonnadan and the Family Party

Tosia Bonnadan and Ronneby.

Photo: SVT / Oskar Sandström

Ronneby municipality has decided not to arrange the Family Party and Tosia Bonnadan in 2021.

The flea market in Brunnshallarna

The flea market, which usually has thousands of visitors, has been canceled for the time being, but the hope lives on with the flea market general Bertil Andersson.

- There is talk of relief with 400-500 people, which is too few for us.

Right now we know nothing but we work week by week, he says.

Nostalgia Festival

Nostalgia festival ii Ronneby Brunnspark.

Photo: Nostalgia festival

Canceled and advanced from the end of June to next year.

The organizers write on their website that the vehicle event will be held on July 2, 2022.

Diggiloo in Brunnsparken

The Swedish tour will come to Ronneby on July 22 and the organizer hopes for relief from the audience restrictions during July.

They write the following: "

Assuming that the infection curves point in the right direction, then 3,000 seated people may gather outdoors, with designated seats."

The Baltic Sea Festival (Karlshamn Baltic Festival)

The decision to cancel was made before the turn of the year.

Otherwise, the idea was to arrange the festival on July 21-25.

- It's a sad message but the only right thing right now.

We aim instead to be able to carry out a really good Baltic Sea Festival 2022, says Daniel Svensson who is the event coordinator at the municipality.

PLX on Tjärö

The planned date for the festival is 19-22 August, but tickets have not yet been released.

The summer theater at Kastellet

The theater smithy greets that they will return next year due to the pandemic situation.

Sweden Rock Festival

The big music festival in Norway had to cancel this year as well.

The bands have been rebooked for next year, and according to CEO Jon Bergsjö, the 2022 festival is basically sold out.


The city festival was supposed to be held during week 27 but had to be canceled for the second year in a row.

The municipality of Sölvesborg states that they plan to be able to carry out a small event in September instead.

Mjällby AIF

Mjällby has been able to let in eight spectators per match to Strandvallen during May.

Photo: TT

Eight people have been allowed to follow the three matches in the Allsvenskan that were played before the European Championship break.

The team will play a training match against Halmstad on June 19, where 500 tickets will be sold.

The league game starts again in July and when IFK Norrköping visits Strandvallen, the club hopes that the restrictions have been eased.

In the best case, 1,500 people can be present, but this depends on the pandemic situation and the rules that apply.

- The hope is to be able to let go as much as possible according to the advice.

Then the dream of September lives on that you could even drop on a crowded Strandvallen, the club's communications and event manager Jacob Lennartsson told SVT.

Holje market

This year's market, which was to take place on 18-20 June, will not end due to the pandemic situation.


The cultural festival will be held from 27 June to 4 July. However, the number of tickets is limited based on current restrictions.