There is a smartphone password messenger app called 'Anom', which has been very popular among members of criminal organizations around the world.

However, it turned out that this app was secretly created and distributed by the US FBI.

Correspondent Kim Jeong-gi.


[Drug arrest scene: The police...

Please open the door!]

Thousands of pounds of drugs, millions of dollars in cash, and even guns.

These were recently confiscated by Australian police during the arrests of hundreds of drug offenders.

All the arrested criminal organizations have in common that they used a smartphone messenger app called 'Anom'.

However, it turns out that this messenger app was co-developed by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Australian Police in 2018 as a tool for entrapment and secretly disseminated.

To use this app, you had to have a recommendation from an existing user, and you had to pay more than 2 million won for a special smartphone and 6 months, but it was popular among gang members because the messages are encrypted.

More than 300 criminal organizations in over 100 countries have used the app, reaching 12,000 users.

Of course, the FBI had the key to decrypt the encrypted message.

Criminals who were completely unaware of this fact conspired to commit a crime through this app and even boasted about the crime.

[Morrison/Prime Minister of Australia: Through this special operation, organized crime groups in Australia as well as around the world have been severely damaged.]

Through the information obtained through Anom, a total of 21 murder conspiracies were discovered in Australia, and 1 in Belgium. 1,500 kg of cocaine were confiscated.

More than 800 suspects related to organized crime have been arrested through this entrapment investigation.

(Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)