In the midst of this, it was confirmed that there were reports of sexual harassment not only in the Air Force but also in the Army. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that the battalion commander of a unit habitually molested executives, and an arrest warrant was requested today (the 9th). The army is continuing the investigation, believing that there may be more victims.

This is the exclusive report by Kim Tae-hoon, a defense reporter.

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middle of last month, a report of sexual harassment by a female high-ranking officer was received by email from the division commander of a unit in the Gangwon-do Army.

The battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel A, was habitually harassing him with words and inappropriate physical contact in the office, etc.

On the day of receiving the report, the unit's gender equality counselor informed the Army Headquarters after a brief investigation of the victim, and the report was reported to Army Chief of Staff Nam Young-shin the next morning.

The perpetrator A was immediately banned from going to work, and was dismissed from his post and personnel measures were taken as a corps replenishment unit.

A military investigation official said that the victim was separated from the perpetrator by letting the victim continue to work in the unit according to his wishes.

The investigation was not conducted by the division military police, but by the Army Central Investigation Division within two days of receiving the report, and the investigation of the victim was completed at the end of last month.

The Central Investigation Team investigated Lieutenant Colonel A until the beginning of this month, and two additional noncommissioned officers were confirmed to have suffered damage.

The Army Prosecutor's Office requested an arrest warrant for Lieutenant Colonel A today on charges of sexual harassment and harassment.

Based on the report received, it took one day to report to the Chief of Staff of the Army and three weeks to request a warrant.

The Army plans to continue the investigation, leaving the possibility that there may be more victims in the unit due to the identity of the perpetrator as a battalion commander.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee)