A massive explosion at a Yemeni gas station in the Middle East, where the civil war continues, has killed 21 people, including a five-year-old girl who fled the fighting.

The Yemeni government has blamed the explosion for attacks by hostile rebels.

In Yemen, a civil war has been going on for more than six years between the Saudi-backed Hadi administration and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

A large explosion broke out on the 5th at a gas station in the central city of Malibu.

The Yemeni government announced on the 6th that the explosion killed 21 civilians.

Malibu is at the forefront of fierce fighting, with many refugees fleeing the fighting since February, and according to the Yemeni government, some of the victims are five-year-old refugees fleeing the fighting. Girls and fathers are also included.

In Malibu, the Houthis have been repeatedly attacking missiles this year, and Prime Minister Abdul-Malik blames the explosion for missile and drone attacks by rebel Houthis.