A Chinese father with an elementary school daughter is attracting attention by cheering him on in an unusual way.

Foreign media, including Jiangsu Sinwon, China, on the 4th local time, reported that a man living in Suqian, Jiangsu Province, presented a '100 points wish' hairstyle to his young daughter on the morning of the exam.

In the released video, the number '100' is placed above the child's head.

You might think it's a headband, but it's the result of the father braiding the child's hair himself.

Dad made '100' for breakfast with 1 sausage and 2 egg rolls coated with egg water, but the child's expression doesn't look very sweet.

When the video was released online, some netizens raised suspicions, saying, "I really couldn't have gone to school like that" and "It was made to shoot a video."

It is not known whether the child in the video actually went to school like that, but it is known that there are already quite a few elementary school students going to school with a '100' hairstyle thanks to the enthusiastic support of their parents.

Making the number '100' out of sausages and eggs is also said to be a method often used to cheer someone up, including those about to take an exam.

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Netizens commented, "The reason I didn't get good grades in elementary school was because I didn't have that hairstyle", "People keep staring at me, so my concentration may become more blurred", "I fully sympathize with the parents' desire to do well on the exam even if that's the case." and various reactions.

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(Photo = 'star星视频' Weibo capture)