Voting for the representative primary of the People's Power Party starts today (7th) 70% of party members and 30% of opinion polls account for this, but the nerves of candidates to win the hearts of party members are fierce.

Correspondent Kim Hyung-rae.

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People's Power will hold a primary election with 70% of party members and 30% of opinion polls starting today, and a new representative will be confirmed on the 11th.

Candidate Na Kyung-won raised suspicions that Kim Jong-in, former head of emergency response, effectively excluded former prosecutor general Yoon Seok-yeol from the opposition presidential candidate, and that Lee Jun-seok formed a 'dangerous consensus' with such former chairman Kim.

He also argued that candidate Lee spoke as if he had made the allegations against former President Yoon a fact by remarks such as 'three silk pockets'.

[Na Kyung-won/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: (This time, the party leader) must lead the war. We need to create a single opposition candidate as our candidate... .]

Candidate Ho-Young Joo also targeted this candidate, saying that 'stigma' is a shortcut to defeat in the presidential election.

[Ho-Young Joo / Candidate of People's Power Party Representative: We're already hungry, so we're just dissing our presidential candidates. Even if we take the lead in protecting it, it is not enough... .]

Candidate Lee said that after the so-called 'Jirashi' circulated, candidate Na would raise similar conspiracy theories, and he counterattacked to show his experience and experience.

[Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: I think that we can be competitive in the presidential election only if we can welcome him (Suk-yeol Yoon) into our party.]

At the same time, a specific camp leaked a list of party members and slandered him. claimed to have been caught sending the

Former President Yoon, who appeared in the controversy of the People's Power Party fighters, continued his patriotism, visiting the National Cemetery and meeting the survivors of the Cheonan.