Chinanews, June 7 (Liu Danyi) China's 2021 college entrance examination officially kicked off on the 7th. More than 10 million students will enter the examination room to meet the important challenges of life.

In many countries in the world, the college entrance examination is also an indispensable experience when people grow up.

  Under the new crown epidemic, how to balance severe epidemic prevention and major examinations is a test in itself, and different countries have given different answers.

Data map: On June 30, 2020, local time, Belgrade, Serbia, students took the university entrance exam in the hall of the fair.

Delayed or discontinued?

Those college entrance examinations disrupted by the epidemic

  The new crown epidemic has affected many people's studies.

Is there a university entrance exam?

How to judge and assess students' high school graduation grades?

After many trade-offs, different countries have different choices.

  The UK made the decision to cancel the college entrance examination as early as the beginning of 2021.

In January, the British Minister of Education Gavin Williamson announced the cancellation of the A-Level (college entrance examination) and GCSE (secondary school entrance examination) exams in England in the summer of 2021.

  This is not the first time that the college entrance examination has been cancelled in the UK due to the epidemic.

When the new crown epidemic raged in the British Isles in 2020, the UK directly cancelled the college entrance examination and senior high school entrance examination that year. Student performance was changed to school assessment, and then the British Examination Qualification Office used "algorithmic models" to adjust scores.

  However, after all, there are only a few countries that cancel the college entrance examination, and most countries will still overcome various difficulties to ensure the smooth conduct of the college entrance examination.

Data map: On December 3, 2020, local time, the Korean college entrance examination was delayed for nearly one month.

The picture shows a partition on the test desk in a test center in Seoul.

Photo courtesy of the Seoul Department of Education issued by China News Service

  In December 2020, South Korea's 2021 college entrance examination was held after a one-month delay, but only 490,000 people took the exam, which is a record low.

  The 19-year-old Quanying Town said before entering the examination room: "This is the second time I have taken the test. Despite the risk of contracting the new crown virus, I still want to complete the test."

  For French high school students who have not had regular classes since November 2020, it may be very difficult to complete the graduation exam.

  In response to the new situation under the epidemic, French Minister of Education Blanche announced in May 2021 that the difficulty of the oral test will be reduced to a certain extent, and the better one will be selected from the average score of the philosophy final exam and the average score of the usual test as the final Graduation grades, in order to reduce the pressure of students to take the test.

Wear a mask and get a vaccine

"Quick exam" fully armed under the epidemic

  During the epidemic, the issue of epidemic prevention and safety in the college entrance examination has become a top priority, and it is the focus of attention of governments and all walks of life in the society.

  Affected by the epidemic, Uzbekistan's 2020 university entrance exams are selected in open stadiums across Uzbekistan to ensure that candidates maintain a proper distance.

Data map: April 20, 2020, local time, at the Steglitz Stadium in Berlin, Germany. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the teacher welcomes students who come for reference before starting the high school graduation exam.

  Japan's 2021 college entrance examination was held in January. Under the background of the escalating new crown epidemic at that time, candidates were required to wear masks, seat one-meter apart, and disinfect their hands when entering and leaving the exam room. After each exam, the exam room was ventilated for at least 10 minutes.

  Japan's college entrance examination examination room has particularly strict regulations on wearing masks. One examinee exposed his nose while wearing a mask during the examination. The invigilator reminded him six times that he still did not wear it properly. As a result, he was found to have violated regulations and all scores were not scored.

This kind of act of making big mistakes because of small mistakes, really shouldn't.

  In addition to wearing a mask, vaccination is also extremely important for candidates.

South Korea’s Central Epidemic Prevention Headquarters previously stated that taking into account the 2021 college entrance examination schedule, it plans to complete the new crown vaccination for 18-year-old seniors by July to August.

  The Ministry of Education of Greece previously announced that from May 17th, Greek school students, faculty and staff will need to take a self-test for the new coronavirus within 24 hours before class every Monday.

The country will hold the college entrance examination on June 14. If candidates test positive for the new crown, they can apply for the "make-up exam" held in September.

All countries' college entrance examination

South Korea's college entrance examination is a "nuclear battle"?

  Whether affected by the epidemic or not, the college entrance examination is destined to be an unforgettable experience for most students.

The education system of each country is different. What kind of tests do overseas students have to go through in order to enter the ideal university?

Data map: November 15, 2018, local time, on the first day of the Korean University Entrance Examination. Parents of the students accompanied the students to cheer for the candidates, and the younger generations of the candidates outside the examination room wished the seniors and sisters a smooth "college entrance examination".

  ——Japan: Combination of unified examination and independent admission examination

  Japan’s university entrance examination and enrollment system is not a “fixed deal”. It adopts a system that combines the national unified test and the independent enrollment of colleges and universities.

The “University Entrance Examination” with unified national propositions can basically be understood as a Japanese-style “college entrance examination”. Japan will implement reforms from 2021. Although the “college entrance examination” method remains unchanged, the question type will be more important than the past. Judgment.

  ——South Korea: The college entrance examination is a "nuclear battle"

  South Korean college entrance examination candidates have to complete 5 subjects in one day. Nine hours of continuous struggle is a test of willpower. Some students once described the college entrance examination as a "nuclear battle."

  On the day of the college entrance examination, the entire South Korea was on high alert to make way and serve the candidates. State agencies and large enterprises postpone work, and even the opening of the stock market was delayed by one hour to avoid road jams.

In order to cooperate with the English listening test, the takeoff and landing of the aircraft are suspended for 25 minutes, and the aircraft passing through the airspace must ensure that the flight altitude is higher than 3000 meters.

  ——United States: ACT and SAT

  Both the ACT test and the SAT test are called the "American College Entrance Examination". They are not only one of the admission requirements for American universities, but also the main basis for the granting of scholarships.

The two are different in the organization of the test, the composition of the test paper, the question type, the scoring standard, and the test date, but they have the same effect and effectiveness when applying for a prestigious American university.

Philosophy is the "first pass" of the French college entrance examination

Chinese included in the Russian college entrance examination

  Although there are similarities in the examination format, under the collision of multiple factors such as history and culture, each country's college entrance examination has its own unique characteristics.

Data map: On June 18, 2018, local time, the French high school graduation test opened. Students took the first subject-a 4-hour philosophy test.

  ——France: Philosophy is the "first pass"

  The French college entrance examination has a history of more than 200 years. It was first set by Napoleon I in 1808. The first exam at that time was philosophy. Now philosophy is also the "first pass" of the college entrance examination each year. Candidates have to complete one in 4 hours. Articles on philosophical topics.

  "Can people escape time", "What is the use of interpreting works of art", "Is everything I have the right to do right?" These topics seem to be "metaphysical", but they can actually trigger in-depth thinking on social issues.

  ——Egypt: Military Aircraft Transportation High Examination Paper

  The test papers for the annual entrance examination in Egypt are usually transported by train or car, but there have been many incidents of stolen or leaked test papers during the transportation.

In 2008, the test questions before the college entrance examination in Egypt were leaked. At that time, there were more than 20 suspects involved in the crime.

In order to prevent the leakage of questions, Egypt will not hesitate to use military aircraft to transport test papers.

  ——Russia: Chinese is included in the college entrance examination, some students get full marks

  In recent years, Russia has seen a "Chinese fever".

In 2019, Russia included Chinese subjects in the national unified examination subjects for the first time, and Chinese became the fifth language for candidates to choose.

The average score of the Chinese test that year was 62.5, which was optimistic. One graduate got 100 points in Chinese.