The Hessian SPD chairwoman Nancy Faeser has received another threatening letter signed with NSU 2.0.

The letter is apparently a reaction to the fact that the politician has again spoken out against the increasing right-wing extremism.

According to reports, this can be inferred from the text.

As with the first letter about two weeks ago, the letter reached her constituency office.

Faeser himself made it public, thereby confirming reports.

She said on Twitter: "Such threats leave no one indifferent, but I will never be intimidated by them and will continue to fight right-wing extremism with all my might."

Katharina Iskandar

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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    The letter was handed over to the Hessian State Criminal Police Office. Like the first threatening letter, it is now being examined there. So far, the investigators have seen no connection with the previous series of NSU 2.0 threatening letters, which were directed against the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz and the left-wing politicians Janine Wissler and Martina Renner, among others.

    An unemployed Berliner was arrested a month ago as the alleged author of the series. According to the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office, possible helpers or accomplices are still being investigated. The authorities have so far classified the author of the letters to Faeser as a so-called free rider. However, it could be the same one who threatened the left-wing politician Martina Renner, which raises the question of a network anew. She and Faeser had received a white powder letter from the same post office two weeks ago.