Recently, the Army’s national-level comprehensive medical rescue team carried out a medical drill code-named "National Rescue Pioneer-2021". The medical team members independently confronted the professional "medical blue army" that simulated the wounded to enhance their medical support capabilities.

  After arriving at the simulated "earthquake" disaster site, the ambulance team immediately classified, bandaged and fixed the "wounded" who played multiple injuries, crush injuries, burns and scalds, and then evacuated them in different categories.

These simulated wounded are all professional "medical blue army" trained by doctors and masters ambulance personnel.

In the case of the drill without pre-plans, the disaster scenes and cases of the wounded and sick were presented realistically, and the ambulance staff used a comprehensive standardized medical rescue process to deal with different injuries.

  The field medical information management system was used throughout the exercise. This system can effectively manage the entire chain of information such as injury classification, containment and treatment, critical illness treatment, medical support, and the progress of the wounded, so that the commander can grasp all the information at a glance. , It is convenient to judge the situation on the spot and issue the instructions correctly.

  Through the rehearsal and discussion of the drill, 14 situations and 64 problems were sorted out, and all of them were returned to zero in multiple test drills.

  Xie Dengchun, political commissar of the Army Characteristic Medical Center, said that as the Army’s only national comprehensive rescue team, the training situation has achieved the expected results. The next step will continue to improve the training level and improve the quality of treatment. It is indeed guaranteed to be able to do so. Come when you call, you can fight, and you will win.

(Gao Tao Jia Nan)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]