Chinanews Client Beijing, June 7th. Today, the national college entrance examination in 2021 will officially kick off. 10.78 million candidates will rush to the examination room to meet a big test on the road of life.

How to prevent the epidemic in the examination room this year, and how to ensure the candidates in various places... For this year's college entrance examination, this information needs to be understood.

Data map: On June 6, teachers and candidates of Tongshenghu Experimental School in Changsha, Hunan threw red envelopes to welcome the college entrance examination.

Photo by Yang Huafeng

10.78 million students take the exam today

  According to the schedule previously announced, the time for the national general higher education entrance examination in 2021 will be from June 7th to 8th.

  The test schedule for specific subjects is: June 7th, Chinese 9:00-11:30; Mathematics 15:00-17:00. June 8th, Liberal Arts/Science Comprehensive 9:00-11:30; Foreign Languages ​​15 :00 to 17:00.

  In addition, some provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have arranged some test subjects on the 9th and 10th due to the different setting of test subjects.

  According to data from the Ministry of Education, in 2021, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination was 10.78 million, an increase of 70,000 compared with last year, a new high.

  In terms of the setting of examination rooms, this year, there are more than 7,200 examination centers and 466,000 examination rooms (including 26,000 spare isolated examination rooms) nationwide. There are more than 1.4 million test staff, including more than 950,000 invigilators.

Data map: The teachers of Guangxi Overseas Chinese Experimental High School tie red ribbons to the students in the third year of high school, hoping that the students will win the college entrance examination.

Photo by Yu Jing

Epidemic prevention does not relax Guangzhou sets up a dedicated examination room for nucleic acid-positive candidates

  Recently, there have been cases of local infection and transmission in some places. According to experts from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe, and various prevention and control measures need to be implemented in accordance with normalized prevention and control requirements.

  As early as the beginning of February this year, the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Enrollment of Regular Colleges and Universities in 2021."

  The "Notice" requires that the daily temperature measurement and physical health monitoring of examinees and examination personnel should be carried out, and each examination site should be equipped with an epidemic prevention deputy examiner as required, and necessary isolation examination rooms and isolation facilities should be set up. Sufficient anti-epidemic materials should be provided.

  Conscientiously implement measures such as entrance temperature detection, comprehensive disinfection of the examination room, ventilation, and maintaining distance.

Carry out full coverage epidemic prevention education and epidemic prevention training to ensure that all candidates and examination staff are familiar with epidemic prevention knowledge and operating procedures.

  Recently, the epidemic in Guangzhou has touched people's hearts, and the local area has implemented epidemic prevention arrangements to ensure the smooth progress of the college entrance examination.

  At the Guangzhou epidemic prevention and control press conference held on June 5, the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission introduced that Guangzhou divides the test sites into two categories: ordinary test sites and isolated test sites.

In the general test center, a general test room, a spare test room and an isolated test room are set up respectively.

Candidates of different types will be arranged to the corresponding examination rooms, and different protection standards and requirements will be adopted to ensure that the trajectories do not cross each other and are completely separated in space.

  For candidates who have a positive nucleic acid test, Guangzhou has set up a dedicated examination room in designated medical institutions to ensure that candidates can take the exam smoothly.

  For candidates in the sealed area, close-in candidates, and second-close-in candidates, special vehicles and dedicated drivers are used to pick up and drop off the quarantine test sites. The drivers of the special vehicles have undergone strict health testing, vaccination, and nucleic acid testing.

Data map: On June 3, a warning sign of "Beware of safety during flooding period" was hung on the Stone Town section of the Qinhuai River in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

During the flood season, all regions and multiple departments are linked to prevent flood and high temperature

  In June, my country entered the flood season in an all-round way, and it was summer. Flood prevention and heatstroke prevention and cooling work are also related to whether the examination can be held smoothly.

  According to the forecast analysis of the China Meteorological Administration, during the college entrance examination this year (June 7-9), there will be high temperature weather in southern North China, Huanghuai and other places; there will be intermittent rainfall in northern and northeastern China; and the eastern part of Southwest China, Jiangnan and southern China. There is more obvious rainfall from west to east.

  Recently, the Ministry of Education, the National Health Commission and other departments have guided various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to carry out special inspections on the safety of college entrance examinations and group examinations for epidemic prevention.

Regarding sudden natural disasters, extreme weather, and spread of epidemics that may occur during the exam, all localities are required to check emergency plans and emergency drills to ensure that in the event of an emergency, personnel from various departments can respond quickly, cooperate and deal with it safely.

  From a local point of view, in response to extreme weather, various localities have deployed ahead of schedule and launched multi-departmental linkages to escort the college entrance examination.

  Guangdong is currently in the “dragon boat water” rain concentration period. The Guangdong Provincial Safety Committee, the Provincial Office of Three Preventions, and the Provincial Emergency Management Department issued a notice requesting relevant departments to carry out repeated measures on the college entrance examination room and surrounding low-lying areas and hidden geological disasters. Pull the net to check and eliminate potential safety hazards in time.

Implement emergency control measures for examination rooms that are vulnerable to disasters such as floods and landslides.

  In terms of heatstroke prevention and cooling, on the 4th, Shaanxi Province issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Heatstroke Prevention and Cooling During the College Entrance Examination and Other Related Work", requiring education administrative departments at all levels and enrollment and examination agencies to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and at the same time do a good job in the college entrance examination. During the heatstroke prevention and cooling work, candidates will create a cool and comfortable exam environment.

  The "Notice" clarifies that flexible and diverse forms such as equipped with air conditioners, electric fans, and placing ice cubes can be used to prevent heatstroke in the examination room; guide each examination center to reasonably prepare heatstroke prevention and cooling items such as alcohol wipes, drinking water, and medicines for candidates to wait for the exam. The examination provides attentive service to ensure the reasonable needs of candidates during the examination.

Data map: On June 6, before the 2021 college entrance examination, candidates in the third grade of Tongshenghu Experimental School in Changsha, Hunan, took a group photo in the classroom.

Photo by Yang Huafeng

Severely crack down on cheating in exams to guard against rumors of college entrance examinations

  In addition to doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, all localities are also tightening examination discipline.

  Recently, the Ministry of Education uniformly announced the 2021 college entrance examination report telephone numbers of the Ministry of Education and the education administrative departments and admissions examination institutions of 31 provinces (regions, cities) across the country.

The Ministry of Education stated that the Ministry of Education and all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) will work with relevant departments to verify and deal with the reports immediately and resolutely maintain fairness and justice in the college entrance examination.

  In addition, the Ministry of Education also introduced that on the eve of the college entrance examination this year, local public security agencies successively detected many cases of organizing cheating. The criminal gangs used the Internet to recruit cheating candidates and attempted to use wireless exam cheating equipment to assist candidates in cheating.

The public security organs will continue to maintain a "zero tolerance" attitude towards crimes involving examinations with education, market supervision and other departments, severely crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities of “examination assistance”, and effectively guarantee the safety of the college entrance examination in 2021.

  At the National College Entrance Examination Security Work Video and Telephone Conference held in May of this year, the Ministry of Education stated that it will strictly review the qualifications of candidates, resolutely crack down on and control illegal behaviors such as "college entrance examination immigration", strictly implement enrollment policies, and take practical and effective measures to prevent counterfeiting. Instead of going to college.

  Every year on the eve of the college entrance examination, some unscrupulous organizations or criminals on the Internet will always use the college entrance examination to spread false information, mislead candidates and the public, and even commit fraud.

  For this reason, on the eve of the college entrance examination this year, the Ministry of Education, together with the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments, sorted out the college entrance examinations that have appeared frequently in recent years, such as "sale of answers to the college entrance examination papers", "priority questions", and "low scores and high records". Fake news and false information remind candidates and parents to distinguish online rumors and beware of being deceived.