Last weekend saw the horror movie "A Quiet Place Part II" sweep the box office, according to Forbes, with revenues of 79 million and 215,000 dollars, since its release late last month (58.5 million dollars of which in the United States). United States, and 20 million and 715 thousand dollars worldwide).

The film earned 48 million and 385 thousand dollars in its opening presentation in 3,726 theaters around the world, amid great fanfare, public welcome and strong reviews from critics, far ahead of the movie "Cruella" that followed in the ranking, with revenues of 37.4 million dollars.

A special version of a horror movie

The film, which was directed, co-written and starred by the pioneering American director, actor and writer in the field of space invasion, John Krasinski in 2018, came as a sequel to the first part of the movie "A Quiet Place", which he also directed, co-wrote and starred in with the same crew of writers: Brian Woods, Scott Beck, Stars: Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds.

The events of the first part take place on a quiet farm inhabited by a small family, which is exposed to great terror from the attack of ghosts and frightening creatures.

It has won 34 awards, 115 nominations, including an Academy Award, and was described by Wall Street Journal film critic Joe Morgenstern as "an outstanding version of a horror and suspense movie."

Complete attack on the senses

After the first part focused on sacrifice for the family, this second part revolved around what one might give up to help others.

It was an ideal piece for the film industry in terms of great acting, during its run of one hour and 37 minutes, with a tense opening in which Krasinski launched with photographer Polly Morgan a complete attack on the senses, through a series of kinetic chaos, terrifying visual effects and disturbing sounds, while leaving The soundtrack sometimes stops completely, relying on the control of silence.

We see a tall and skinny man, Lee Abbott (John Krasinski), getting out of his truck in late spring in a small town in the USA, heading to a store on Main Street, wandering through the hallways, past a shelf full of space toys for kids, taking some bottles of water and snacks, Until he was briefly noticed by news reports broadcast on television about unusual phenomena occurring in different cities.

Today 474

While the Lee family plays baseball - his wife Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt), and their three children: school-aged Marcus, hearing-impaired daughter Reagan, and little Beau - everyone notices something piercing the clouds and rushing toward the ground, and the game is called off and moved on. Everyone to the house.

Just minutes after the devastating outcome of Part One, we jump to day 474, to see the family, including the newborn, seek shelter with an old neighbor from pre-space invasion days, Emmett (Killian Murphy), in an abandoned mill, escaping the onslaught of these. Violent, mischievous creatures that chase after sounds, the slightest noise can lead to sudden death.

Part Two then jumps to the end, after Evelyn wins a shotgun, Lee dies, and the family barn is burned down, so it's time to leave the house.

Between hustle and bustle

In Part One, New York Times film critic Janet Katsoulis says, Krasinski gave us an almost perfect tragic conclusion, emphasizing the story's core themes, such as familial devotion and human perseverance in the face of adversity.

His heroes - the Abbots - have finally turned the tables, after 400 days of terror under the control of their noise-slaying captors.

Therefore, she considers that the first part "could have sufficed, had the unexpected success of the film tempted the producing company to take another tour."

She adds that "the rest of the film did not live up to the level of activity and excitement with which it began, as Krasinski seemed noisy, louder and less focused than in the first part."

She explained this by sliding toward replacing the subtle horror of the original with visibly full action, making the second part "sound faster and more noisy, devoid of emotional depth, like a story of children forced to grow up too fast and see a lot" as she described it.

On the other hand, film critic Nick Allen believes that Krasinski, in writing and directing this part, proves his intelligence and priorities, as well as his talent for orchestrating tense life or death scenes with an exciting sense.

"I still can't believe John Krasinski has made moviegoers silent again, as he did in 2018. The changes he made in this part are shocking, yes he came bigger, faster and louder, but his horror became more literal and direct."

It is noteworthy that the producing company has started working on a third version of the film, which will focus on the life that humans have become after the monsters took control of Earth, and it is expected to be shown in 2022.