Facebook plans to review the measures to suspend the account of former President Trump indefinitely for two years in response to the invasion of the federal parliament in the United States, and then decide again whether to allow the resumption. Was shown.

Facebook suspended former President Donald Trump's account indefinitely following the January invasion of Congress, but Facebook's third-party "supervisory committee" suspended last month. Although the judgment was valid, he requested a review because it was inappropriate not to set a deadline for cancellation.

Facebook issued a statement on the 4th, stating that Mr. Trump's suspension period will be two years from January to January next year.

Then, at the end of the period, we will consider whether there is a risk to public safety, extend the suspension if it is judged to be dangerous, and even if we allow resumption, if Mr. Trump violates the regulations, the account will be permanent. It is possible that it will stop at.

"I thought it was long enough to prevent serious violations by Mr. Trump," he explained as to why the period was set to two years.

Twitter has permanently suspended Mr. Trump's account over the invasion of Congress, and there is ongoing debate in the United States about how to check posts on social media.

Former President Trump "Insulting People Who Voted for Me"

Former President Donald Trump said in a statement, "Facebook's decision is an insult to a record number of 75 million people who voted for me in the fraudulent 2020 presidential election. People should not be allowed to be censored or silenced. "

And another statement in a row strongly opposes, "I won't have a supper with Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife when I become president again."