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United States is currently in the 'Memorial Day' holiday period, which corresponds to our Memorial Day. During the first holiday since half of adults were vaccinated, many travelers are enjoying their trip without a mask. Experts are confident that the coronavirus will never spread again.

Correspondent Kim Jong-won from New York reported.

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road in front of Los Angeles Airport, USA, a line of cars leaving the airport filled the road.

Travelers from all over the United States are flocking to the four-day holiday season, triggering massive population movements.

It is estimated that 37 million people travel by car during this holiday season, and the cost of oil alone is expected to exceed $4.7 billion or KRW 5 trillion.

The airport has also been used by more than 4 million people so far, the highest record since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

[Shabar Reynolds/Traveler: It's so good to get back to this daily life. Everyone is traveling because it seemed like they were going crazy because they were confined in the house.]

[Robert Sinclair/American Automobile Association (AAA) official: There are so many people who really want to travel because people have been locked up in their houses for over a year. It's a so-called 'retaliatory trip'.]

Recently, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed the guidelines that vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask anywhere indoors or outdoors.

However, experts say there is no risk of the corona spreading again.

On Thanksgiving and Christmas at the end of last year, before the vaccine was properly distributed, the number of corona cases increased significantly after such a large-scale population movement, but this holiday, when more than half of adults have been vaccinated, will be completely different from last year. It is full of such confidence.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-wook, video editing: Jung Yong-hwa)