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China broadcasted the American sitcom in their country, the part where BTS appeared was deleted. It seems that BTS's remarks about the Korean War while receiving an award in the United States last year are still problematic.

This is Kim Ji-sung, correspondent in Beijing.

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is the American sitcom'Friends', which was popular around the world.

The main actors have gathered again after 17 years and have become a hot topic, and BTS and BTS appeared in the special episode that was recently aired.

After the Taegeukgi was released, it was introduced as the'largest male group on the planet'.

[RM/BTS Leader:'Friends' played a really big role in learning English and taught me life and true friendship.]

However, you can't find this part in a video broadcast in China.

It is presumed that BTS is having a problem speaking about the Korean War when it won an award in the United States in October last year.

[We must forever remember the history of hardships the two countries suffered together and the sacrifices of many people.]

At the time, the Chinese state media reported a massive response from Chinese netizens that BTS did not respect Chinese soldiers who were sacrificed in the Korean War .

In addition to BTS, the part in which famous American pop singer Lady Gaga appeared was also deleted from the Chinese broadcast.

Lady Gaga became an evasive figure in China after meeting the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader in 2016.

Because of this, the sitcom's broadcast length has been reduced by about six minutes in China, and observations prevail that it is due to guidelines from censorship authorities.

(Video coverage: Choi Deok-hyun, Video editing: Commissioner Yang, video source: Friends the Reunion (HBO Max), China Aichi)