Earlier, the Izvestia newspaper, citing the Federal Penitentiary Service, wrote that the average salary of convicts serving sentences at the facilities of business organizations exceeds the salary of those sentenced to imprisonment, and sometimes the average salary in the region.

In particular, it was reported that prisoners sentenced to forced labor in the Belgorod region received a salary of 224 thousand rubles.

"Currently, among those sentenced to forced labor, such examples of wages are rare ... The amount discussed in the commentary was accrued as a bonus for previously worked days, as well as for overtime work," the RIA Novosti agency comments ...

They explained that this convict works at an enterprise in the Belgorod region, his average salary is 140 thousand rubles a month.

The FSIN also recalled that those sentenced to forced labor live in correctional centers and work in ordinary civilian enterprises, therefore their salary is the same as that of other employees of these enterprises, and also depends on qualifications.