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[Key Remarks]

"This time of breaking and rotting heart in the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun"

"Let's not hate anyone... is was going a long time "

," Roh spirit 'only way' to go ... entrepreneurship, changjik will make countries "

" Article 27 capital will make the industrial bank to the "start-up banks'"

"approval rating is sentiment ... era give me find out the desired candidate Things"



will become a bridge for generational change, era change, and character change"

▷ Young-jin Joo/Anchor: I want to make it together with the people. I want to challenge with all of the people. I will talk to Democratic Party Rep. Lee Gwang-jae, who declared that he would challenge the presidential election today. Welcome to.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: How are you?

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: I made up my mind to challenge the presidential election and declared today.I think my mind may be quite complicated or heavy right now. How are you?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: I'm in charge.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Are you in the cool?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: It's hard to decide.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: When did you decide? Not long ago, a memorial service for the late former President Roh Moo-hyun. On the spot, I strongly suggested that I would run for reporters.

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Before that, I had a lot of things I was lacking. The task of the current era is big. However, while I was reading the many books in the library, I made a decision as I was able to overcome it if I had the heart of gathering wisdom, gathering wisdom while looking at the records of King Sejong, and on the other hand, with the heart of the people conducting public opinion polls.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Lee Gwang-jae and former President Roh Moo-hyun have been with him since his youth, and the late former President Roh Moo-hyun won the presidential election. Originally, the approval rating for Candidate In-je Lee was not even matched at first, but when he won the Gwangju contest, it caused a sensation. then. After the election, experts do the analysis. He read the spirit of the times well, wants the unity of the people who want political reform. But what is the spirit of the times that Congressman Lee Kwang-jae thinks and wants to inform the public?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: People's lives are unstable, both men and women. In the end, you want a happy life. One of the most important things in a happy life is work and the other is welfare. Secondly, when such fierce competition between the US and China shakes the situation on the Korean Peninsula, who will be able to carry out this diplomacy stably? Third, who will lead the divided Republic of Korea such as the'South-South Civil War' to unity, I think that these three are key and contemporary tasks.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Jobs and welfare are key. We must be able to do diplomacy in which we take the lead between China and the United States. What did you say last?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: The problem of integration.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Integrated. Korean people unity.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: How to make a divided country unified.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: I'll have to ask for a specific compound, but I'll ask in a moment. The position of today's Rep. Lee Gwang-jae, who declared today's office to run, is standing. It means that the polls on the presidential election runners are still going on. After briefly looking at the results of the polls once. Maybe even take a look at Congressman Lee Kwang-jae.

Yoon Seok-yeol, Lee Jae-myeong. There is already a lot in the press. Realmeter is investigating. On May 24th and 25th, I did it for two days, including Lee Nak-yeon, Hong Jun-pyo, and Lee Nak-yeon, two digits, including Hong Joon-pyo, Jeong Se-gyun, Oh Se-hoon, Shim Sang-jung, Ahn Cheol-soo, Lee Kwang-jae, and Yoo Seung-min. Rep. Lee Gwang-jae came out higher than Rep. Yoo Seung-min. But anyway, the numbers were 2.1%, Yoon Seok-yeol, Lee Jae-myeong 30.5%, and 25.3%. It's falling a lot below this number, so why don't you start now with acknowledging and acknowledging this?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Of course. The late President Roh Moo-hyun's approval rating was from 1.2% to 2.1%. However, the problem is the people's heart to say the degree of support, but in the end, what the times want. Even when we hire an employee, we look at what we're going to do and see if that person is right, but I think the people will take the time to evaluate it. However, if you boldly challenge history or love this country, your support will rise again.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: If you are a politician, especially a politician who can claim to challenge the presidential election, you will have the content reported in the media and already have their own impressions and images. Human life. What kind of life he has lived, and the joys and sorrows that everyone has in life. We are going to show you the most joyful, saddest, most painful, and most rewarding and happy moments with photos, but let's take a look at the first of the photos we requested and received from Rep. Lee Gwang-jae? What kind of picture it is. The picture is zooming in from a distance. The one standing in the middle is the late President Roh Moo-hyun. The person on the right, wearing a slightly ocher suit, is now on the left side of the screen. Are you Lee Kwang-jae? When and when is it there?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: There is a presidential election.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Is it 2002, then?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: 2002. He went on his first vacation right after he was elected, and that's when he was in Jeju Island. It's a real unpublished picture.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: There was a presidential election in December 2002 in that picture, but Jeju Island is still blue at that time? I think it is because it is Jeju Island. At the far right, we can see Yangsook Kwon's image right behind the person explaining something, and was it the happiest moment?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: Right.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Looking at the photo of the late President Roh Moo-hyun, Congressman Lee Kwang-jae is getting a little less talkative. What is the next picture? This seems to be the saddest and most painful moment.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: Right.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: It will be May 2009.

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: After hearing the shocking news of the death of the late President Roh Moo-hyun, the appearance of guarding the shopping district is now coming out, but the former Chungnam Governor Ahn Hee-jeong in prison is also showing. The two key aides who know the hearts of the late President Roh Moo-hyun better than anyone, who were closest to the former President Hee-jung Jwa and Gwang-jae Woo. Throughout the ceremony and the memorial ceremony, Rep. Lee Gwang-jae looks pretty sad. Looking back now, when the late President Roh Moo-hyun died, and so many people came to Jangji and expressed their sorrow together, how do you think you endured those times?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: There are not so many words to use when it comes to writing words. So you endure it. The word incisors. So it's time for your teeth to break and your heart to rot. There are not many words to express in words.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Sadness and anger Maybe there were such things. I dare to guess, but I do it. But doesn't time always make our hearts forget little by little? How are the hearts that you had back then changed now?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: At first, that is, it goes toward being angry with others, and later going toward resentment as time passes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: To blame yourself.

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: Later, after time passes, you will see history books, and later you will see a lot of Bibles or Buddhist scriptures, and the last, the last, the last?

Eventually, I started talking to myself.

So in the end, don't hate anyone.

When I hate someone, I know that the wound comes to me in the end, I know how much nature is healing power for humans, and the process of becoming more mature on my own?

It was such a long time.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: You've probably received a lot of questions about the late President Roh Moo-hyun, but now that Congressman Lee Kwang-jae will challenge the presidential election, it's not just that I'll follow the path of the late former President Roh Moo-hyun and Moon Jae-in.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Of course.

We, President Roosevelt of the United States, didn't write the New Deal?

The New Deal is a fair deal from President Theodore Roosevelt.

Then Wilson's neoliberalism.

This is a New Deal by combining the two.

In the end, I will have to go my way.

If I could just give an example, in the case of the late President Roh Moo-hyun, if he talked about IT and venture economy, and in the case of President Moon Jae-in, if he talked about innovation growth, I will definitely go to a startup country and certainly increase jobs.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: I think you were talking about starting a business and even starting a job.

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes. When it comes to start-ups, we mean start-ups like Israel or Silicon Valley, and when it comes to start-ups, when the digital era opens in the future, Daum Kakao is about 100 million people, users. If this is increased by 1 billion or 2 billion, there will be a lot of jobs that do such activities such as web novels, dramas, and our YouTubers. So, to increase the market of 50 million more than 20 times. That's why many new founding, startups, and founding countries. So, for this, I want to go to a country that transforms the Korea Development Bank that created the industrial era into a 27 trillion-trillion-capital company and turns it into an opportunity for Korea.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Are you trying to change the identity of the Korea Development Bank?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: To a private bank? Or still.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: To a start-up bank. In the past, if we have supported profound and grand industries, and if we mainly focused on national policy financing, now one seed is weak in Korean venture companies, and then when we make large-scale investments in secondary funds, Korea Development Bank is in that area. Ivy is the best. Then we need to create a consistent support system that enables us to go beyond unicorns to global companies, because technology and finance must meet to create a new company.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: But President Moon Jae-in also made a promise to create a job, and many candidates made a promise, but if you think about it, is the government doing it? Is it a company? I think I need to make this clear.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Basically, the market is leading. However, the market is leading, and one of the things the government should do is to drastically remove regulations to eventually enter the market. Like this time, if the government does not allow the virtual asset issue, Zepetto will not be able to grow further. Second, after all, a lot of investment can take place only when financial support is firmly established. And if you want to make an investment, you can give it a tax break. Money is bound to be sensitive. Investment will take place again only with incentives.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: There seems to be one more photo sent from Congressman Lee Gwang-jae, so let’s take a look at the photo. No one knows about this. I think Rep. Lee Kwang-jae should explain to you, who is Rep. Lee Kwang-jae?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: This is the person on the right.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: A small, small youth.

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes, checkered pattern.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: When is that?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: That's probably around December 26, '82. When I attended Wonju High School in the 1980s, I was able to predict what happened in Gwangju in 1980, I guess. I couldn't go there in high school status, and after my university exam, I took the train to Busan on December 24 and went to Gwangju. Chosun University.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Oh, is it there?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes. Chosun University, Chonnam University. Geumnam-ro. So, shortly after the May 18 Uprising in 1980. I can't forget to say that I feel terrible when I go there, and my debt consciousness at that time is also one of the driving forces that make me today again.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: A senior high school student who had just finished the academic abilities exam ahead of the college entrance examination, went to the field after guessing what would have happened in Gwangju. Did you go with that friend?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: What kind of feelings I felt at that time. There must have been anger, surprise, and shock as well. Is that moment still in the life of Lee Gwang-jae, a college student, and Lee Kwang-jae, who entered the political world after that?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: Right. I went to Wonju Middle School. When the late former President Park Chung-hee passed away, we left the school gate, and a tank was already standing at the school gate. That bloody feeling of the 79's at that time. And the intermittent news from Gwangju and the horror when I went to Gwangju. That's why I really live without forgetting Gwangju, but I'm the eldest son of 7 siblings. I have to live without a demo. However, I do volunteer work. So, the time when I had a very strong conviction that I had to live a night school life in Changsin-dong, Dongdaemun and live a certain kind of public life was when that time became stronger. It's a debt consciousness.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: You will meet the people who have the greatest influence on the lives of such young people Lee Gwang-jae and Lee Gwang-jae. I will meet with the late President Roh Moo-hyun, and many people remember this moment when I think of the late President Roh Moo-hyun. Because I think Congressman Lee Kwang-jae was right next to him more than anyone else. If you look at this scene, I think viewers will also remember it. Shall we see it? I don't think I can hear your voice right now.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Is that the time for the 5th ball hearing?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes. The late President Roh Moo-hyun was 42 years old and I was 23 years old.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: You are 19 years old.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes, it is.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: At that time, the name of a politician called'Roh Moo-hyun' became a stamp in the hearts of so many people.

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Many people were so excited that it probably went beyond the expression of simply being a hearing star. Are there any politicians like this, in Korea? Didn't it?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: He never gave in in front of those who had great power, who had great money, who had huge amounts of money.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: Right.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: What did you think while watching?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: At that time, Roh Moo-hyun was 42 years old and I was 23 years old. But when I saw me as a 23-year-old, I didn't know politics very well, but when he told me to use it as a tool for the development of history, I gave the 23-year-old the full power of the secretary's office. So, going through that hearing process at that time, Oh, the late President Roh Moo-hyun is a very attractive man. And even though it's fierce at times, he's a really cool politician who loves people passionately, and he's a man I can't hate, a politician whom I admire.

▷ Joo Young-jin/anchor: Such a secretary, aide Lee Gwang-jae, assisted the late President Roh Moo-hyun at the Blue House, and then became a politician who became a politician himself. Let’s look at the next scene. When is that scene? Looks like it's not old?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party member: This is the appearance of questioning the government after becoming a member of the National Assembly. The main contents of the government are education in the first, second, and third in Korea. It was said that there is a future in Korea only when investing in education. Dragons are born everywhere in Korea only when knowledge is used as cheaply as using water and sewage and electricity by digitalizing everything in the National Assembly Library or Central Library in Korea and sending it to school classrooms and apartment complexes. It's a story to persuade that.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: That was last year?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Last year's general election. Before that, there were quite a bit of political hardship. For nine years, there was something that I couldn't even want to do because I was deprived of the right to be elected. Because of that, can you really do a little about Rep. Lee Kwang-jae? Wasn't there anything unpleasant? Didn't you take the money? There will still be people who think this way. It must be an issue that needs to be broken through that part in the future.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Of course. There are parts that I am unhappy, parts that I have done wrong, and parts that I have done wrong, I have no intention of making excuses. I've been through a painful enough time for 9 years, and I have to reflect on myself and live in the future.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: In the power of the people now, this is the phenomenon of Lee Jun-seok, Lee Jun-seok gusts. There is something very significant politically about this. Do you think this way?

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: I think it is a meaningful change. The reason is that this time 2030 sees that the established politics are out of date. Why? You don't understand the technology of the future. Second, we don't understand our pain. And thirdly, they are too insensitive to changes in the world. So, in the end, I am questioning the ability itself. That's why you want something to change. From their perspective, they think that a new digital era is finally emerging beyond industrialization and democratization. Just as 42-year-old lawmaker Roh Moo-hyun wrote me under 19, I am now using an aide who is 20 years younger than me except for one.

▷ Joo Young-jin / Anchor: In your early 30s?

▶ Lee Gwang-jae/Democratic Party Member: Yes. So in the end, I think the future has hope for them. What I feel a lot while seeing my venture friends these days is that the purpose of making money in the past was to make money, but these days, the biggest characteristic difference is that it maintains the form of a company in order to create a valuable society that he wants. In that sense, I see the power of the 2030 as the power of the digital generation, and I will serve as a bridge and role in firing the flare of a generational change that brings them to the forefront of history. So I'm saying that I wish I could become the older brother of the MZ generation.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: You seem to be talking about changing generations, changing times, and changing characters, but it seems to be the last question. Before that, let’s check with the viewers what song Lee Kwang-jae really likes. I don't want to be a hyena, but a leopard starving to climb on top of a snowy mountain hut. The leopard of Mr. Cho Yong-pil's Kilimanjaro. The lyrics of this song probably contain the heart of Rep. Lee Gwang-jae, but the meaning to our viewers. Now, please tell us your determination to stand at the starting point of the campaign called the presidential election.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: There are politicians, politicians, and politicians in this world.

Politicians strive to be elected, and politicians are a person who values ​​reality a little more in terms of ideals and reality.

I want to be a politician.

It is not what the people like, but what this country needs, to go confidently on the path to go forward and to create a new history.

Speaking of that new history, it is now beyond the G7 and G5 to become a G3 country.

And now that people's happiness becomes the report card for politicians, I want to take the path of a politician who makes such a wonderful country where people live happily.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Okay.

Now, I am at the starting point of Congressman Lee Kwang-jae.

Today's interview is probably not the last one.

If the Democratic Party's presidential nominations begin in earnest, then there will be an opportunity to enlist once again.

I listened to you today.

▶ Lee Kwang-jae/ Democratic Party Member: Thank you.

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