Optimizing employment services and making good use of employment policies to promote employment and education

The Education Department Takes Multiple Measures to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates

  Our reporter Wang Ruochen

  In the post-epidemic era, is the employment situation of college graduates okay?

  On the surface, whether college graduates can get high-quality employment is a personal matter, but in fact it is related to the people's livelihood plan and the allocation of human resources. It is connected to the country and society on the one hand, and thousands of households on the other.

From May 17 to 23, the Ministry of Education’s "2021 College Graduate Employment Promotion Week" series of activities were carried out nationwide. In addition to a series of large-scale job fairs, school-enterprise supply-demand matchmaking, and employment education activities, "24365 Campus Network Recruitment The "Service" platform also provides "non-closing" employment services for the majority of college graduates, allowing graduates to take a "reassuring pill" and injecting a "cardio booster" for "stabilizing employment".

Fully promote the quality and upgrade of employment services

  During the "Employment Promotion Week", more than 2,800 colleges and universities across the country have held more than 10,000 campus job fairs, and local and industry employment guidance committees have successively held about 100 regional, industry, and alliance online and offline special job fairs to fully explore Job resources.

  “To do a good job in the employment of college graduates, the most important thing is to do a good job in matching jobs,” said Weng Tiehui, Deputy Minister of Education. “This year, in order to ensure that the employment situation remains stable, the Ministry of Education summarizes work experience and guides universities in various regions to open up new jobs. Make good use of the new model of'Internet + employment', innovate the way of supply and demand, and strive to achieve precise matching and docking of employment positions and graduates."

  The Ministry of Education has matched college graduates with SMEs and organized the “National SME Online Special Recruitment of College Graduates” activity on the “24365 Campus Network Recruitment Service” platform to help small, medium and micro enterprises attract employment for college graduates, and at the same time guide colleges and universities to increase employment. Large campus recruitment is open to small, medium and micro enterprises.

  In terms of strengthening employment assistance for key groups, the Ministry of Education has implemented measures to improve the employment and entrepreneurship capabilities of graduates from low-income families, ethnic minorities, and disabilities, and established 100 “national college graduates employability training bases” in colleges and universities across the country ", provide free offline employability training for more than 100,000 poor graduates every year, and ensure full coverage of online training for poor graduates who are willing to train.

In addition, colleges and universities are required to establish and improve work accounts in accordance with "one person, one file" and "one person, one policy", so as to "pull up" graduates who need assistance.

  In order to expand the "employment + Internet" new model, the Ministry of Education, in conjunction with 12 major social recruitment agencies, comprehensively upgraded the "24365 Campus Recruitment Service", built a smart employment platform for college graduates, and provided 24-hour online campus recruitment services for college graduates.

Focusing on the topics of employment in the central and western regions, introduction of talents in key regions and cities, and college students’ enlistment in the army, the "24365 Internet + Career Guidance" series of public welfare live courses were launched to give full play to the role of the expert database for college students’ employment and entrepreneurship guidance, and create a career guidance "famous teacher's fund class".

  Universities and colleges all over the country have also put their efforts to pave the way for graduates' employment and entrepreneurship and escort them.

  The Beijing Municipal Commission of Education provides precise services to students’ job hunting needs. In the first quarter, 26 online double elections including education, medical, and construction have been held, providing more than 250,000 positions;

  Beijing University of Chinese Medicine provides graduates with 10 support policies including free incubation venues, company registration "green channels", entrepreneurial start-up funds, and one-stop project system services, etc., and records 60 modules of "University Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fundamentals" video Classes, put wings in innovation and entrepreneurship for graduates;

  Southwestern University of Finance and Economics has carried out more than 200 career guidance activities such as "Xi Cai Gong Kao Gas Station", "Resume Clinic" and "Mock Interview", serving more than 6000 students, and introducing third-party online diagnostic assistance such as job search guidance and career adaptation system;

  The Northeastern University Spring Double Election Conference will set up a "Career Consultation Zone" for the first time, and the instructors will answer students' questions on the spot on individualized issues such as postgraduate entrance examination and employment selection, job search preparation, and establishment of development goals;

  Beihua University implemented the special action of "Building a Dream Hometown", and passed the information of the 2021 graduates in the province to the talent department of the source of students for precise connection.

  Northeast Normal University held a "shared employment" job fair. Donghua University has conducted research on the employment situation of all graduates for 9 consecutive years...

Maintain the support of graduate employment policy

  Looking for a job is also "involved"?

Don't let the "illusion" fuel anxiety, and there is still room for "open source" in employment.

  The Ministry of Education is actively expanding the employment channels at the grassroots level, centering on the rural revitalization strategy, guiding universities and colleges in various regions to organize recruitment work for grassroots projects such as the "Special Post Program", "Three Supports and One Support", and "Western Program", and encourage the adoption of market-oriented and socialized methods , To guide graduates to find employment and entrepreneurship around the various service needs of urban and rural grassroots communities.

  In order to increase support for “double innovation”, the Ministry of Education, in conjunction with relevant departments, implements preferential policies for college students’ entrepreneurship, guides local universities to explore employment opportunities in new formats such as platform economy and sharing economy, and guides graduates to use their intellectual advantages to strategically emerging Innovation and entrepreneurship in industries, modern agriculture, modern service industry and other fields, diversified and multi-channel employment.

  In addition, deepen the recruitment of college students, encourage college graduates to create "camouflage youth"; expand the scale of recruitment of research assistants, and enhance the attractiveness of research assistant positions.

  To ensure high-quality employment, it is also necessary to establish correct employment orientation.

To promote the implementation of the “Overall Plan for Deepening Educational Evaluation Reform in the New Era” by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, it is necessary to urge party and government agencies, institutions, and state-owned enterprises to take the lead in reversing the employment orientation of “only prestigious schools” and “only academic qualifications”, and establish a moral and ability-oriented, The talent utilization mechanism targeted at job demand changes the state of “high consumption” of talents and employs talents in a eclectic manner.

Include employers with employment discrimination, fraud and other issues on the blacklist, and regularly issue warning messages to graduates.

Guide more graduates to the most needed places in the motherland

  "Enterprises recruiting in schools is like'picking fruit'. The work of'fertilizing and cultivating soil' in the early stage is particularly important. Only when fruit trees grow can produce'good fruits'." Liu Shuxin, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute held the "Big Aircraft Culture" at Taiyuan University of Technology. The words in the open class of "Going to Campus" Employment and Education clarified the essence of "Employment and Education".

  During the "Employment Promotion Week", colleges and universities across the country carried out the employment education theme education activities centered on the "view on talent, career, and employment", and taught "employment ideological and political courses" to guide college students to integrate their personal ideals and pursuits into the modernization of the country. New journey.

  “Universities promote employment cannot just focus on the employment rate.” Wang Hui, Director of the Department of College Students of the Ministry of Education, said, “We must integrate Lide’s talents into all aspects of employment work, and always serve the country’s major strategic needs and help students grow into talents. For the purpose of work, we will guide more graduates to find employment, start a business, and make achievements in the places most needed in the motherland."

  "24365" is a recruitment service platform, and it is also a kind of spirit. Behind the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, there are countless teachers and counselors who provide 24-hour and 365-day dedication to provide graduates with "four-hearted" services. Graduation education is tempted, employment guidance is heart-warming, employment services are heart-warming, and employment tracking is intimate, accompany the students to smoothly walk the "last mile" before graduation.