Eric Carle, an American picture book writer who drew the picture book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", which has been popular around the world for generations, has passed away.

I was 91 years old.

Eric Carle was born in New York, USA in 1929, studied art in Germany, worked as a graphic designer for the "New York Times", and was published in 1967. I made my debut as a picture book writer.

"Harapeko Aomushi", which depicts the growth of young caterpillars, has gained popularity due to its richly colored style of drawing creatures such as animals and insects. It has been published in more than one copy and has been loved by generations all over the world.

When Karl came to Japan four years ago in 2017, he mentioned in an interview with NHK about the origin of vivid colors and his childhood experience under the Nazi regime in Germany. I had a sad time. I am turning the sadness of that time into joy through picture books. "

According to American media, Karl died on May 23 in an atelier in eastern Massachusetts at the age of 91 due to renal failure.

On Karl's official website, along with the news of Karl's death, a message from his family saying, "The rainbow writer is traveling in the night sky, even holding hands on a wonderful star in the moonlight."