In the Höchst industrial park in Frankfurt, white powder leaked out on Wednesday night.

It is non-toxic polyethylene powder that is used for the production of plastic parts, as the fire department announced on Wednesday morning.

The wind distributed the powder partly beyond the plant boundary into the adjacent city area.

There is no danger to the population.

How much powder escaped was initially not known.

According to the fire brigade, the exit could be stopped.

The industrial park announced that fruits and vegetables from the affected area should be washed before consumption.


In the Frankfurt area, there were delays in long-distance and local rail transport due to a fire brigade in Mainz-Bischofsheim on Wednesday morning.

Three ICE routes - Hamburg-Frankfurt, Wiesbaden-Dresden and Dortmund-Frankfurt - were affected by delays, as a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn announced.

In local traffic there were delays, diversions and partial cancellations on lines S8 and S9.

The line closure was lifted around 8:40 a.m.


A car driver in the Main-Taunus-Kreis got off the rain-soaked road and was fatally injured in a collision with a tree. The 32-year-old Mainz was thrown through the guardrail on Wednesday and hit the tree, said the police in Wiesbaden. The fire brigade released him from the vehicle. Why he lost the road initially remained unclear. The man from Mainz was taken to a clinic after the accident on Bundesstrasse 8 near Liederbach, where he died a short time later. The road in the direction of Frankfurt was closed for over three hours.


The fire in a barn in northern Hesse caused damage of around 100,000 euros. The flames destroyed the half-timbered building used as a hobby workshop as well as vehicles and material parked there, as the police announced. The fire broke out on Wednesday night in Trendelburg (Kassel district). A newspaper deliverer noticed the flames and alerted the rescue workers. When the fire brigade arrived, the barn was already ablaze. The cause was not initially clear. The police did not rule out arson. During the extinguishing work, federal highway 83 was temporarily closed.


Four people were injured in a fire in an apartment building in Mühlheim.

The fire broke out on Wednesday night for an initially unexplained cause, the police said on Wednesday.

The injured were taken to the hospital for observation, the other 19 residents of the house stayed with friends.

The house is no longer habitable due to the fire.

The police put the property damage at tens of thousands of euros.


In a high-rise building in the southern Hessian town of Rodgau, a fire broke out on Tuesday evening for an unexplained cause. As the police announced, five people, including four firefighters, were injured in the residential complex known as the “Chinese Wall” in the Nieder-Roden district (Offenbach district). The four residents of a burning apartment on the fourth floor managed to get themselves to safety, and a neighbor was injured. According to the fire brigade, the emergency services were injured after opening the door of the apartment on fire. The sudden supply of oxygen caused a so-called flue gas ignition. The injured were taken to hospital with suspected smoke inhalation. Due to the massive spread of smoke, the entire high-rise had to be cleared.According to the police, around 170 people are registered in the building. That is why around 190 emergency services from several fire brigades, rescue services and the police from the entire Offenbach district were on duty. Most residents were able to return to their homes after the fire was extinguished and the building checked. Several apartments on the fifth floor are currently not habitable due to smoke and extinguishing work, it said. The residents were moved to hotels.Several apartments on the fifth floor are currently not habitable due to smoke and extinguishing work, it said. The residents were moved to hotels.Several apartments on the fifth floor are currently not habitable due to smoke and extinguishing work, it said. The residents were moved to hotels.

Nidda / Friedberg.

A taxi driver was killed in an accident near Nidda in the Wetterau. A 64-year-old woman who was a passenger in the car suffered serious injuries, as the police in Friedberg announced. The 53-year-old man had therefore left the country road early on Wednesday morning for an unexplained cause and crashed into a tree in a taxi. The man suffered fatal injuries. A rescue helicopter flew the seriously injured passenger to a hospital. The public prosecutor's office in Giessen called on an expert to further record the accident.


In Bischofsheim in southern Hesse, argon gas leaked from a train wagon loaded with dangerous goods.

According to the fire department, a small amount of gas escaped into the open on Wednesday morning.

Nobody got hurt.

If inhaled in high concentrations, argon can cause nausea and even suffocation.

The fire brigade announced that there was no danger to people at any time.

According to initial findings, the gas escaped from a safety valve that reacts to fluctuations.

The train driver noticed the incident and stopped at the Bischofsheim freight yard (Groß-Gerau district).

The tank car in question came from the Netherlands.

After several hours of checking, the train continued to travel to Italy in the gas wagon.