China News Service, Beijing, May 26 (Li Hanxue) A regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council was held in Beijing on the 26th. Against the background of the raging new crown pneumonia epidemic in Taiwan, the spokesperson Zhu Fenglian repeatedly emphasized when answering questions that the DPP authorities should not Based on political self-interest, it creates artificial obstacles to the response to the epidemic.

  At the press conference that day, reporters on both sides of the strait paid close attention to the situation of vaccines from the mainland to Taiwan.

Zhu Fenglian introduced that the heads of the Shanghai Medical and Health Development Foundation and the Jiangsu Cross-Strait Cultural Exchange Promotion Association have respectively expressed their willingness to donate a batch of new crown pneumonia vaccines to Taiwan compatriots. We support this and will actively assist.

  She pointed out that the mainland vaccine is a safe, effective and high-quality vaccine. On May 7th, the World Health Organization approved the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine developed and produced by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products of Sinopharm Group to be included in the global "emergency list".

The latest polls also show that nearly half of the people in Taiwan are willing to receive various qualified vaccines immediately.

The DPP authorities ignore the shortage of vaccines on the island and the anxious situation of the people, and still block the import of vaccines from the mainland to Taiwan in every possible way. It is completely political devil.

  Recently, the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Commission also responded to the mainland's willingness to aid the state, saying "Don't fake good intentions" and "united front division operation", and green media writers cooperating with green camp politicians were caught pretending to be mainland netizens and spreading rumors in the online community.

In this connection, Zhu Fenglian stated that the DPP authorities are extremely immoral and irresponsible to the Taiwanese compatriots by manipulating politics and discrediting the mainland in the prevention and control of the epidemic that is related to the lives and health of Taiwan compatriots.

  After the 74th World Health Assembly rejected Taiwan-related proposals, some Taiwanese politicians and media took the opportunity to speculate on related issues.

Zhu Fenglian pointed out in response to the inquiry that Taiwan’s political lie about the so-called "international epidemic prevention gap" is only an excuse for the DPP authorities to "seek independence with the epidemic."

The relevant decisions of this World Health Assembly have once again demonstrated that there is no way out for "Taiwan independence" and that it is unpopular to hype Taiwan-related issues at the World Health Assembly.

  In response to the fact that the DPP authorities recently colluded with American scholars to hype the illegal and invalid "San Francisco Peace Treaty" to promote the so-called "Taiwan status undetermined theory", Zhu Fenglian reiterated that the so-called "San Francisco Peace Treaty" has no right to deal with Taiwan's sovereignty and any other actions involving China. The sovereign rights and territories of contracting states do not have any international legal effect.

  Some reporters also pointed out that some public opinion on the island has reviewed the performance of the DPP authorities in cross-strait relations over the past five years and believes that "cross-strait antagonism has become more serious, and cross-strait relations seem to have no turning back."

Zhu Fenglian responded that the reason for this kind of public opinion shows that all walks of life on the island are very worried about the current cross-strait relations.

Since May 2016, the DPP authorities have denied the "92 Consensus", linked with external forces, engaged in "independence" provocations, created cross-strait antagonism, obstructed and disrupted cross-strait exchanges, and caused current tension and turbulence in cross-strait relations.

Their actions undermine the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and harm the interests and well-being of the broad masses of Taiwan compatriots. They will only push Taiwan into a very dangerous situation.

  Zhu Fenglian said that our stance on promoting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations has not changed, and the solution to ease the tension in cross-strait relations is also very clear.

As long as the DPP authorities abandon their "Taiwan independence" stance, stop seeking "independence" activities, and return to the political basis of the "1992 Consensus," cross-strait relations can improve and develop.

  June 1st this year is the 10th anniversary of the exhibition of "Fuchun Mountain Residence" in Taipei. Zhu Fenglian introduced at the press conference that relevant parties in Zhejiang Province will hold commemorative meetings and related activities.

She also introduced the recent cross-strait economic and trade activities and the internship or employment programs launched by some places and enterprises in mainland China for Taiwanese youth during the summer.