Today, the last farewell to Academician Wu Mengchao, when parting, a sincere sentence tells people's longing and respect for him: "Only inexhaustible love can illuminate the suffering souls"; "The more The poorer people, the more he sympathizes"; "I have never seen him say a serious thing to a patient"; "Old Wu said that the prisoner is also a human, and he also has the right to live"; "Especially young people show that you are willing to learn "Study hard, he will provide you with opportunities"; "Wu Laoren’s benevolence can save countless people in his life"; "We are still working hard to conquer liver cancer and tumors today, so it is worthy of comfort to his old man. "...

  Academician Wu Mengchao performed more than 16,000 operations and treated more than 20,000 patients.

In the medical world, this is a miracle that is almost hard to replicate!

At the age of 97, he also completed a difficult operation.

  On May 26, the farewell ceremony of Wu Mengchao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and "Father of Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery", was held in Shanghai Longhua Funeral Home.

  (Producing Le Xiaomin)

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