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2021 is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

From a small red boat to a giant ship that navigates China's stability and long-term journey, generations of Chinese Communists have gone through vicissitudes of life without changing their original intentions, and have experienced weather and frosts but remain true to their qualities.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping is a Communist Party member with 47 years of party experience.

He "spoken with words, but must do it with his body" and set an example for more than 90 million party members by setting an example.

CCTV.com's "People's Leader Xi Jinping" column launched a series of special articles "Party of the Communist Party Xi Jinping", let us experience the general secretary's character as a Communist.

  The century-old journey is magnificent, and the century-old party style is flourishing.

  Why is the Communist Party of China unique and powerful?

How can we continue to create brilliance and lead China to rejuvenation?

  As a party member with 47 years of party experience, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly discussed the criteria for a qualified party member. Among them, persistence in learning is one of his special emphasis.

  "Learning is the path to the inheritance of civilization, the ladder of life growth, the foundation for the consolidation of political parties, and the key to the prosperity of the country."

  "Our party has always attached great importance to learning."

  "Attaching importance to learning and being good at learning is the unique spiritual temperament of the Chinese Communist Party."

  For many years, Communist Party member Xi Jinping has persisted in learning, learning from books, learning from practice, learning from the masses of the people... By precept and example, he has set an example for the majority of party members.

  When he was a child, he was inspired by the story of his mother's loyalty to serve the country and his mother-in-law's tattooing.

  Even in difficult times and difficult environments, Xi Jinping still upholds good reading habits.

When he jumped in at Liangjiahe, he took a heavy box of books with him.

I work during the day, read during work breaks, and read on the high slopes of the loess when the sheep are grazing... In the evening, I study hard under a kerosene lamp until late at night.

In the memory of villagers, Xi Jinping often reads "books as thick as a brick" while eating.

  This is Xi Jinping when he jumped in line to visit relatives in Beijing in 1972.

  At that time, he set a motto for himself, starting with self-cultivation.

"I don't know anything, I feel ashamed, and I am thirsty for knowledge." At that time, Xi Jinping could find all the literary classics. Many aphorisms in the "San Yan" can be memorized.

After reading Chernyshevsky’s "What should I do?"

"He studied the protagonist in the book and tempered his perseverance by sleeping on the bed.

As soon as it rains or snows, they go out and take a cold shower by the well platform.

  Xi Jinping loves to read books and has studied extensively, especially in the works of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong.

Reading the "Communist Manifesto", he was deeply impressed: "Marxism is a powerful ideological weapon for us to understand and transform the world, and Marxist theoretical literacy is the core and soul of the leadership quality of leading cadres."

  Xi Jinping not only loves reading and studying, he also recommends others to study, and often organizes cadres to study.

In July 1989, Xi Jinping gathered all county party committee secretaries in Ningde area to Xianshan Ranch to participate in the reading class of the Prefectural Committee Learning Center Group.

According to Chen Xiumao, secretary of the Ningde County Party Committee at the time, Xianshan Pastures are all sandy and dirt roads, and some sections of the road are difficult to get on with tractors. You can only take a tractor and take another dirt road.

Even so, Xi Jinping still carried a lot of his own books and wanted to use this opportunity to learn.

  For more than 40 years, the hobby of reading has accompanied Xi Jinping from cave dwellings in Liangjiahe Village to classrooms at Tsinghua University, from Zhengding to Fujian, and from Zhejiang to the central government.

Reading has become a way of life for him.

  "Philosophers just interpret the world in different ways, and the problem is to change the world." This is the last sentence in the Marxist classic "The Outline of Feuerbach".

It is like a wall that isolates philosophers who ignore "practice" from the old age.

In the reading list of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "The Outline of Feuerbach" is also among them.

  "It's always shallow on paper, and I absolutely know how to do it." "Hearing is not as good as seeing, and seeing is not as good as putting it into practice."

The importance of practice has been deeply understood by Xi Jinping from the beginning of joining the party.

  In Liangjiahe, he led the villagers to build silt dams, organized the village blacksmiths to set up an iron company, and built the first biogas digester in northern Shaanxi... Became the first educated youth in Beijing who became the party branch secretary of the brigade in Yan'an at that time.

  The seven years in Liangjiahe happened to be the time when people of the same age went to high school and college together.

Xi Jinping once said that he went to Liangjiahe's high school and Liangjiahe's university.

"Only after attending this high school and university will we have deep feelings for the people."

He also instructed Zhang Hongliang, who was studying at Xiamen University at the time, to go to the grassroots level so that he can cultivate his feelings for the people, improve himself, do practical things, and make real results.

  Learn in practice, grow in practice, cultivate feelings for the people, and find the code to get rid of poverty and get rich.

When he left Huangdi at the age of 22, Communist Party member Xi Jinping already had a firm goal in life-"To do things for the people."

  This was in 1983, when Xi Jinping (the front row center), the secretary of the Hebei Zhengding County Party Committee, temporarily set up a table on the street to listen to the opinions of the people.

  "We have read a lot of books, but there is a lot of water in the books. Only by combining with the masses can we evaporate the water and get real knowledge." In Zhengding, Xi Jinping once communicated with Lu Rizhou, who was then the secretary of the Yuanping County Party Committee in Shanxi, who came to investigate. Learning perception.

  The people of Zhengding remember that when the young county party secretary encountered difficulties and problems in work or life, he always humbly asked the people around him for advice.

He often said: "I'm here to learn, and I hope to get your help and advice."

  Learning from books, learning from practice, learning from the masses of the people... Accumulated over time, internalized in the heart, and gradually accumulated to become Xi Jinping's great wisdom in governing the country.

  On November 17, 2012, the Political Bureau of the 18th CPC Central Committee conducted the first collective study on implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress.

It is necessary to "learn more deeply, understand more thoroughly, and implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China more consciously."

In the "first chapter" of the new central leadership group, General Secretary Xi Jinping took the lead in learning the spirit of the 18th Party Congress with practical actions and took the lead in establishing the image of a learning party organization.

  Exterior view of the former educated youth site in Liangjiahe Village (photographed on February 13, 2015)

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in the face of profound changes in the conditions of the world, the country, and the party, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always regarded learning as the "housekeeping skills" for mastering work and victory, as an important way to overcome "capacity panic" and as a long-term perspective. Effective method.

  "The Chinese Communists have relied on learning to reach today, and they must also rely on learning to move toward the future."

  On the journey of achieving a well-off society in an all-round way, the Chinese Communist Party has led the people to make continuous progress through learning, get rid of poverty, and realize the millennium dream.

Looking forward to the future and embarking on a new journey of building socialist modernization in an all-round way, we will also rely on learning and practice to find the true meaning.

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