• Simplifications, in the draft of the Dl push for the regeneration of historic centers

  • Dl Sostegni bis, Draghi: "Look to the future, no one is left behind"

  • Dl Sostegni: final ok of the Chamber with 375 yes, 45 abstentions and no no.

    It is law

  • Covid, dl: "green pass" after the first vaccine dose, is valid for 9 months


May 25, 2021 Final free passage of the Chamber of the Chamber to the decree law on vaccines, which also contains rules on justice and public competitions.

The text was approved in Montecitorio with 311 votes in favor, 47 against and two abstentions.

The decree definitively approved in the Chamber refers to the containment measures of Covid-19. Among other things, it exempts vaccine administrators from

criminal liability

for manslaughter or personal injury if such events occur as a result of vaccination (Article 3). 


vaccination obligation

is also regulated in the decree that has just been dismissed

for health and social-health personnel who carry out their activities in public and private health, social-health and social-welfare structures, in pharmacies, para-pharmacies and professional offices.

In the text there are also provisions valid until 31 July for the exercise of

judicial activity

(with regard also to the accounting process) in times of pandemic emergency.

Furthermore, the Covid Decree authorizes the national council of the Order of


to postpone the elections of the territorial and national bodies by one hundred and eighty days.

Then there are simplification measures for the conduct of

the competition procedures

for access to public employment to be banned or already banned and the term of validity of the



of the personnel of the Ministry of Justice is deferred.

Finally, urgent measures arrive for the conduct of the written tests for the

competition for ordinary magistrate


In the reading in the Senate,

access to residential

social welfare, social health and hospice facilities for family members and visitors with Covid-19 green certifications

was restored throughout the national territory


With its publication in the Official Gazette, the provision now becomes law.