China News Agency, Kunming, May 25 (Han Shuinan) The emerald-like Kunming Dianchi Lake quietly relies on the Changyao Mountain by the lake.

On the 25th, amidst the roar of excavators, the demolition of many buildings in the Changyao Mountain Dianchi second-level protection zone was in progress.

Many areas on Changyao Mountain have been restored to greenery.

  Liu Jiachen, deputy secretary of the Kunming Municipal Party Committee and mayor, pointed out the problem at the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Inspector on the 25th. At the press conference of the first stage of Kunming's rectification work, he said that at present, various rectification work is proceeding in an orderly manner as planned.

Liu Jiachen introduced that by the end of September this year, all buildings in the Changyao Mountain Dianchi first-level protection zone that have nothing to do with the protection and management of Dianchi will be demolished, and the restoration of greening will be completed.

  Dianchi Lake is known as the "Pearl of the Plateau", and Changyao Mountain is located on the south bank of Dianchi Lake, which plays a very important role in conserving the good ecology of Dianchi Lake.

  On May 6, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment notified a typical case of “The over-exploitation of Changyao Mountain in Jinning, Kunming, Yunnan seriously affects the integrity of the ecosystem of Dianchi Lake”, and seriously pointed out the outstanding problems in the protection and governance of Dianchi Lake in Kunming.

Subsequently, Kunming established a rectification work leading group to formulate detailed rectification plans, clarifying rectification measures, rectification time limits, and responsible units.

  Liu Jiachen said that the construction of 390 buildings in the restricted area of ​​the Changyao Mountain Dianchi secondary protection zone that have been approved but not built has been suspended, and emergency green restoration has been carried out simultaneously. Up to now, a total of about 248,000 vegetation has been planted in the Changyao Mountain area.

The 47 buildings that have been approved for construction in the north of the ridge line in the Changyao Mountain Dianchi second-level protection zone (the area facing Yunnan) have been demolished, and the 36 completed buildings are being demolished.

All projects in the third-level protection zone of Dianchi Lake in Changyao Mountain will be closed for construction and sales, and evaluation of suitability will be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations, and rectification opinions will be put forward according to the evaluation conclusions.

  In response to Mingzhen Golf Course’s infringement of Dianchi’s first-level protection area, Liu Jiachen said, “Mingzhen Golf Course will immediately withdraw from the first-level protection area.” Up to now, all the Mingzhen Golf Course’s scope in Dianchi Lake’s first-level protection area has been completely eliminated. All the golf facilities including 5 holes (greens), fairways, and teeing grounds will fully complete the restoration of ecological greening in this area by combining arbor, shrub and grass.

The 13 holes (greens), fairways and tees, as well as hardened roads, illegally constructed golf clubs, and rest houses outside the scope of the Dianchi first-level protection zone of Mingzhen Golf Course have all been demolished.

Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort has fully taken over the rectification area and supervised and controlled the stadium throughout the whole process and time to ensure the effectiveness of ecological restoration and greening management.

  Liu Jiachen said that in the next step, Kunming will start from the integrity of the ecosystem, conduct a full-scale, pull-net-style thorough investigation of all construction projects around Dianchi Lake, and strictly follow the "Dianchi Lake Protection Regulations of Yunnan Province" to carefully verify the legal compliance of the projects. And resolutely clean up and rectify projects that violate laws and regulations, and "sticky construction" projects. (Finish)